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Kevin Rocci

World Cup Finals

Who else is excited about the World Cup?

We watch all the games here in the office. And, yeah, we were sad to see the U.S. go home. What a game, though. (Tim Howard is our hero.)


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In honor of the upcoming World Cup finals, we put together an SAT math/World Cup soccer mashup video for you. In it, Kevin answers the question:

What is the probability that Brazil and Argentina will play each other in the World Cup finals on July 13th?

See how we made SAT math applicable to life? Sneaky. 🙂

Who are you rooting for at the World Cup? Leave us a comment and let us know!


About Kevin Rocci

Kevin helps Magoosh students by making sure none of their questions go unanswered. A UC Santa Cruz graduate with a BA in Politics and a minor in Film, he loves education, bluegrass, the Sierras, and the Pacific. The vastness of the universe does not deter him from hoping to meet an intelligent life form from another planet one day.

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