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Chris Lele

SAT Video Friday: Vocabulary You Got to Know Test Day

Nobody has a crystal ball that allows him to see the words that will be on the SAT you end up taking. Yet, the writers of ETS are fond of certain words, which keep on popping up over and over again. Below are some of the words you will very likely see come test day.



This word sounds like antidote, which counteracts a poison. An anecdote, however, is a story, usually a short one based on a real event. Unsurprisingly, we often hear the phrase “personal anecdote”, since many people like to tell stories about stuff that happened to them.

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Nope, indifferent is not the opposite of different. It actually means not caring, neutral. If you indifferent to which movie you see, you could watch just about anything—you don’t care.



Unclear, because it mean one of two (or a few) things, ambiguous is the perfect word to use to describe a shopper’s comment when they say, “I’ll take that one”, without pointing at anything. Something that should be pretty clear is the meaning of unambiguous.



Based on fact, not opinion, objective can be used to describe something that everybody agrees on. If you say it is hot outside, that is not objective; it’s subjective, or based on your opinion. If the thermometer reads 80 degrees and backs it up, then saying it is 80 degrees outside is an objective statement.


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