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Chris Lele

SAT Video Friday – Read the Entire Sentence

Before you read on, I want you to take a quick crack at the video question above (you can pause it before I start pontificating on the right answer!).

Then, come back to this post and read on. If you want more explanation at the end, well, then you have the video waiting for you.

Spoiler Alert!

Make sure to read each of the underlined parts. In other words, read the entire sentence. What can often is you get caught up debating two answer choices both of what kind of seem off. Meanwhile, an answer choice that is more clearly wrong lurks at the end of the sentence.

In the question in the video, it was really easy to get tripped up by both (A) and (C). You know (A) is a tempting answer choice, because it has a preposition. In other words, it’s an idiom. “To be” or not “to be”—that really is the question. If you are not sure (“to be” is right), move on another answer choice. Don’t get hung up, since sometimes the grammatical mistake isn’t that subtle. You just have to read the entire sentence. (C) also sounds weird. But remember: if you can’t change it to any other conceivable word, you shouldn’t just assume it is wrong.

Now, if you haven’t watched the video, I suggest doing so. You get even more pointers!

Many musicologists believe Mozart to be the greatest of all composers because all who hear his music cannot help but be charmed over his artistry. No error

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