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Trying to improve your score in time for the October SAT? We’ve got some tips on how to study smart at the end of your summer break.

To get you started, we’ve compiled our newest and best SAT study tips in a short video: “SAT Summer Study Tips – August 2018 SAT”!

Watch the embedded video below, or scroll down for a full video transcript. 🙂

What Will I See in the “SAT Summer Study Tips – August 2018 SAT” Video?

In this 4-minute video, our SAT expert Chris will give you a short introduction, followed by his best Summer SAT study tips and strategies, including:

    1. Sign up for the test!
    2. Take a practice test every week!
    3. Identify weak areas!
    4. Use a study schedule!
    5. Find your best study time!

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“SAT Summer Study Tips – August 2018 SAT” Full Transcript

Hello, welcome to SAT summer tips, I am Chris from Magoosh.

And today we’re gonna talk about how to take advantage of your summer in terms of SAT.

Because maybe you’ve heard that there’s an SAT coming up at the end of August, or even one in fall.

And you’re wondering, well, how do I study?

Where do I start?

What do I do?

Help me!

Well, I am here to help with the very first important, very important tip, which is, sign up for the test.

Why is this so important?

Well, these test slots actually fill up, and then you can’t take the test.

And that’s actually not good if you have been focusing this whole summer following the tips I’m about to give you and ready for the big day.

And then you think, oh well, I have to go sign up, I’ll just do that right now, and oh, no room left.

Don’t let that happen to you.

So whether it’s the August 25th test, or the test the first week of October, make sure that you get your test slot by signing up ASAP.

Okay, next on the agenda here is to take a practice test each week.

Not just one test, not just at any time in the summer, but specifically one time a week.

Cuz that’s gonna show you how you are improving over the course of the summer.

And this is something you will also wanna make sure that you commit to, you don’t wanna just kinda do it.

You wanna have a set day each week where you are taking this practice test.

And once you do this, this is going to help you get a feel of what’s it’s like to sit there for hours upon hours doing this actual test.

And the secondly, you also get some motivation because you can see if you are improving.

And if you are improving of course, then that’s always motivation to keep improving even more.

Next, we have identify your weak areas.

And this kind of flows from what I just talked about in the practice test.

When you go through this test practice you gonna of course review your mistakes, what went wrong, why you messed up.

And in doing so, you can figure out and target those areas that are your weak areas.

Because on this test, you don’t wanna focus on what’s already strong, but identify areas where you can improve at.

And once you do that, you can focus, you can target your studies around these specific areas.

For instance, maybe you struggle with math word problems.

Then, when you do spend your hour and a half a day you know to focus more on this when studying math than, hey, studying circles.

And if you’re really good at circles, no need to do that as much.

Next, we have use a study schedule.

Why is this important?

What we talked about summer, being this time we have all these weeks.

And sometimes it seems like you have all the time in the world until you don’t.

And that’s why you wanna have some structure here, and the study schedule gives you structure.

It’s one month and in fact, if you click in the description there’s a link there, if you click on that link, it will take you to the study schedule.

This will tell you what to do each day.

Now I know, one month might be not enough because you have six weeks that you’re planning to study.

The thing about the schedule is it is pretty aggressive, so therefore, instead of spending two and a half hours a day you can spread it out a little bit as well and make it go for six weeks.

But again make sure of course, that you are always focusing on your weaknesses.

But the study schedule is a good general guideline organizational framework to help you stay on track.

And finally, find your best time.

What does that mean?

Well, schools out and now it`s summer and you might be waking up at ten in the morning, is that a good thing?

When should you do your SATs?

At some point well, I have friends who are texting me, maybe I’ll do it later in the evening, oh, that stuff intervenes.

So, when it comes to finding your best time, think, when are you most alert?

When are you most focused?

When are there the fewest distractions?

And make that your SAT study time each day, commit to it.

And if you do that, then you are helping yourself versus staying up really late, procrastinating and then doing it at 8 o’clock when you’re half asleep.

Or when there’s a TV show on that you kinda wanna watch and are trying to watch while your studying SAT.

Don’t do that, find your best time, make it about SAT, and you’ll do well testing.

Good luck.

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Happy studying! 🙂


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