SAT Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz

Before you start, you may want to read the Writing Essentials Subject-Verb Agreement post. If you feel you ‘got it’, then have a go at these five questions. They are not easy, so good luck!


1. The number of Americans living in rural areas have decreased (A) to unprecedented levels, with (B)most farmers saying that their days (C)in the country are numbered.  D) No Error. (E)


2. According to (A) a recent study, an increasing number of people in their 30’s choose (B) to remain single, a finding that (C), despite reports to the contrary (D),  suggest (E) that fewer (F) people plan to have children. No Error. (G)


3. Students, many of whom (A) find themselves in nearly insurmountable debt, are compromising (B) on their career ideals, taking jobs that, while (C) in many cases highly lucrative, are (D) often hardly inspiring. No Error. (E)


4. Beaming satellite images from (A) Jupiter, a planet notoriously difficult (B) to photograph, was (C) a remarkable feat for a team of scientists, who, for the first time ever, (D) were (E) able to depict parts of the planet’s atmosphere that were (F)  hitherto (G) unknown. No Error. (H)


5. A veritable kaleidoscope of sea life, the seabed has been (A) constantly changing, affording (B) marine biologists with (C) a view into (D) a world both unique and (E) awe-inspiring.  No Error. (F)



1. A (number has decreased)

2. E (suggests)

3. E (No Error)

4. E (team…was)

5. C (with is unnecessary)


If you got all five of those correct, then you are an SAT grammar beast. Way to go! (You can still make sure you know everything you’ll need for test day with more SAT grammar practice!)

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