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Dana Sinclair

SAT Anxiety: Source and Solution

Since freshman year, maybe even earlier, high schoolers have heard of the infamous SAT. Some may look at the test without worry, while many of us are filled with feelings of dread and anxiety just at the thought of it. Why does this one exam stir so much emotion in so many of us? Here are some sources of SAT anxiety and solutions to move eliminate the stress.



Source: Self Worth

The SAT is one option for the required test in most college applications. It is no wonder that many students find anxiety in taking it, because the score a student receives could affect their acceptance.


Start test prep early! Begin test prep end of sophomore year that way you have plenty of time to prepare before you start your college applications. This will help ensure that you recieve the score you want and help eliminate that test anxiety!

Source: Time

a. The amount of time you have to study between now and when you take the test isn’t enough.

b. The SAT is very fast paced, and the time constraints for each section is too short.



a. Whether you are taking the SAT in a month, a week, or even a day, just remember that the test does not define you! Review the core basics and try your best. Worst comes to worst, you can use the score you receive to create a new study plan and retake the exam!

b. It is not necessarily about finishing every single question on the exam, but accurately doing the questions you finish. You will achieve a higher score by doing the questions you know and skipping the ones you don’t than blindly guessing your way through.


Source: Being judged

Taking the test itself can already be stressful. On top of taking the actual test, sharing your score can be stressful as well. Some students may not want to share their score because they have yet to reach their goal, or they simply like to keep things private.


If you are anxious about your friends or peers opinions about your score, don’t share it! You don’t need to stress over being judged if they have nothing to judge you about!

The Takeaway

Many of us suffer from anxiety when taking the SAT for various reasons, but the most important thing to remember is to relax and do your best. Make sure you prepare and go into the the test center with everything you need! The more prepared you are, the better you will do!


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About Dana Sinclair

Dana is a current high school senior who enjoys writing when she has a free moment. When she’s not studying, reading, or interning, she loves to go exploring the Bay Area with her friends. She loves discovering new activities and learning as much as she can. She hopes to help fellow students achieve their goal by sharing her knowledge on how to navigate high school life.

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