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Nadira Berman

How to Avoid SAT Score Drama

Obviously, studying for the SATs is no piece of cake. But the obnoxious drama that surrounds the whole process can make it nearly unbearable. Having already gone through all of that stress nearly a year ago, I can now share my top tips for how to avoid catfights, gossip and more.


Don’t check scores around your friends

I can advise against this from personal experience. I slept over with a few friends the night before scores came out. The next morning, it was impossible for anything to be kept private. There were tears because some of us got lower scores than others. Meanwhile, the people who received higher scores felt guilty about making everyone else feel bad. It was just an all around bad scene.

Moral of the story: make sure you have a private place to be when you check scores. And don’t feel pressured to share your score with friends if you don’t want to.

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Don’t judge people’s responses to their scores

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to be around your peers when everyone is checking scores, try to focus on yourself. Don’t worry about their responses, happy or sad. Everyone is different, so therefore everyone will have different reactions.

If someone is enthusiastically happy with what you think is a low score, let them be. If someone is sobbing over a score that’s higher than yours, let them sob. That’s also their prerogative. You never know how much work a student put in, or what kind of emotional stress they are under.


Don’t spread scores around

To many, SAT scores are private information. Just because someone tells you their score, doesn’t mean they want it to become common knowledge to the whole student body.

News of various students’ scores can be a big source of gossip in high school. But you shouldn’t care! It’s other people’s business and it has nothing to do with you.


Understand context

It doesn’t make sense to compare yourself to others because everyone prepares for the test differently. If someone got a higher score than you, it most likely means that they studied more than you. Maybe they were able to afford tutoring that you couldn’t. You never know.


About Nadira Berman

As a Summer Marketing Intern, Nadira is excited to help high schoolers prepare for the SAT and ACT. As a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, she is considering studying economics. In her free time, she reports for the school newspaper and styles photo shoots for the school's fashion magazine. Besides fashion and journalism, her passions include bagels, smoothies and Netflix.

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