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Bhavin Parikh

SAT Quiz from Magoosh

As many of you know, we love hearing from our students. We recently surveyed Magoosh students to ask how we could improve our SAT product. One of the most common suggestions was to add practice questions after each video or group of videos so you can practice what you just learned.

Perhaps after each lesson some sample exercises could be provided in order to practice what was taught on the videos. This way a perfect score can really be achieved.

The only suggestion I have to improve Magoosh is to have some practice questions at the end of the video or maybe written version of the lesson. Otherwise, Magoosh is great and I love it!

I think that there should be an easier way to do practice questions after you watch a video.

Well, ask and you shall receive! I’m excited to announce that we’ve added quizzes after each group of lessons. If you visit the lessons page ( you’ll see a quiz at the end of each lesson group.

Improve your SAT score; start your Magoosh SAT prep today

Magoosh SAT Quiz

The quiz will ask you five of questions related to the videos you just watched. You need to answer three questions correctly to pass the quiz. And if you don’t pass, don’t worry! You can try the quiz again and again, though at some point you may start seeing the same questions.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Improve your SAT score; start your Magoosh SAT prep today
About Bhavin Parikh

Bhavin sets the vision and strategy for Magoosh, along with whatever else needs to be done. With a BS/BA in Economics and Computer Science from Duke University and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, he’s on a mission to change the way people learn and how they think about learning. Years ago, Bhavin played on several Nationals-level ultimate frisbee teams. Today, he’s our resident gelato connoisseur.

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