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Tanya Shah

Think Outside the Box: Examples in Your SAT Essay

Unique Examples

Why not dip into some entirely different categories? Come up with a few of these for your Idea Bank; you don’t need to conduct extensive research. Just know what it is and know the key details.

Current Issues

  • Great alternative to lying because they are so easy to think/write about
  • Lying here is risky because your scorer, an actual human being, will definitely have knowledge of these examples
  • Broad suggestions: Globalization, Technology, Environment


University Studies

  • Writing about these lends you a lot of credibility and makes you unique and impressive to the reader. Lying does not.
  • Look up studies that explore certain essay themes
  • Interesting studies: Milgram Experiment, Pavlovian Conditioning


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Fields of Study

  • Different disciplines and subjects (anything that you’ve had classes on or read about)—Philosophy, Psychology, Ecology, etc.
  • For instance: “Behaviorism—one of the major theories in modern psychology—means that the mind can be understood only by observing a person’s actions. It also means that behavior can be shaped by certain stimuli in the environment.”


In practicing with these examples, you should be able to sum them up, and that’s it. Then, using one on test day will really strengthen your work.


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About Tanya Shah

Tanya has taught advanced English and test prep for over five years, and sees standardized tests as solvable puzzles. When she's not reading or writing, she is sampling local bakeries or enjoying the outdoors with her dogs.

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