How the SAT Can Lead You to an International Education

The SAT and International Education

According to, on average, two million American students sit the SATs per year. How many students will continue on to further education? How many of these students will use this high score as an opportunity to study abroad? There are many commonalities associated with test scores and the students who choose a life abroad, as well as the confidence in individual academic ability to make such a bold life choice.

The SATs

What are the SATs? They are a standardized test that determines students’ academic ability to study at a higher education institution. The SATs, like other standardized tests in the American system, can take months of practice and preparation. This preparation can be undertaken through guides and practice tests given by the high school or college, or by utilizing online tools and trackers such as Magoosh’s New SAT Prep.

The SATs can determine whether American students get accepted into different grades of higher education institutions, ranging from universities and colleges in-state or out of state. Furthermore, the SATs prepare students for the general education requirements that all universities hold when pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree. But what many students don’t consider is how this test can ultimately prepare them for an entirely different degree and academic experience, which can be had whilst learning in a new educational system.

While the SATs can prove a student’s initiative and drive to achieve success in an American institution, they can prove that a student would benefit from and excel at pursuing a degree in which the educational system focuses more on assessments and examinations, rather than an array of small assignments to be completed throughout a course or module alongside the standard examinations.

What an International Degree Can Offer

Along with the chance to experience new cultures and surroundings, an international degree would enhance a student’s educational experience purely because it is based on a different grading and learning system.

Firstly, undergraduate degrees in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and most European countries last for 3 years. The American system for a bachelor’s degree tends to last 4 years, unless a student changes majors – in which it would take longer.

Secondly, while the cost of tuition fees is in another currency, when that currency is translated to the dollar or the country of origin, the fees for that international institution could be substantially less than attempting to pay tuition at an American university. Another consideration is that the tuition will have to be paid for three years rather than four.

Thirdly, the SATs are similar to an assessment of most degree programs – this occurs within the final year of the program. The assessment is rather a dissertation or thesis of the student’s choice, and combined with revision and advisors from the university, a student uses knowledge gained from each section of the SATs to coordinate this large assessment.


In conclusion, the SATs are a preparation not only for what an American institution can offer students, but for what education systems students can excel in and experience abroad.

To see what opportunities exist for those who have the drive to excel at the SATs, visit Read international student’s blogs where they talk about their study abroad experiences – you can search by institution here – and you can also find articles offering advice for choosing courses, study abroad destinations and much more.


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