Printable Resources for SAT Prep

Now that we have access to more digital resources than ever, physical SAT prep options seem to be a relic of the past. However, considering that the SAT is still a paper-based test, there’s something to be said for putting pen to paper when it comes to SAT prep. Here’s a list of some free, printable materials that can bolster your SAT prep experience.

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Practice Questions

Official New SAT Practice Tests: In terms of targeted SAT prep that you can print, the official practice tests from The College Board are a good bet. Remember, though, that these are the same tests on Khan Academy and the official SAT book. The College Board’s practice PSAT is good practice as well for additional practice directly from the test maker.

Magoosh’s new SAT practice test is another great place to find practice questions. Written by our test-prep experts, this exam mirrors what you’ll see on your official test day. It’s also a great resource to use as a diagnostic test, as it comes with free video and text explanations for each question (and it’s a PDF, so it’s easily printable!).

Extra SAT Prep

With only four official SAT practice tests available, students needing more SAT prep options can use the following resources to improve particular reading, writing, or math skills in between taking practice tests. Containing more math worksheets than you would ever hope for, Math Drills is a great resource for students who want to practice arithmetic without a calculator as well as other topics that come up on the SAT Math section, including as percents, algebra, and basic statistics.

SAT Practice Reading List: Finding resources to practice the SAT Reading section is difficult since similar passages and questions are labor-intensive to recreate. However, one of the best things you could do to make sure you are prepared for SAT Reading is…well, reading. Thankfully, as the new SAT draws from a lot of contemporary sources, you can read the same exact sources that are featured on the test, some of which are found in this list. Printing out articles from these sources can help you hone your annotation skills and practice vocab in context by guessing the meaning of unknown words and then looking them up later to see if you’re right.

Study Guides

The College Board Study GuideComing directly from the test makers, this is the most comprehensive source of information you will find about the very concepts tested on the SAT. What’s nice is that The College Board makes it easy for you to print out guides by section in case you don’t want to print out the whole thing.

Magoosh’s New SAT Study GuideAlthough covering slightly fewer topics than The College Board’s guide, Magoosh’s New SAT Study Guide presents most things you need to know for SAT success in an easy-to-read manner. Also, some of our explanations are arguably more in-depth than the ones in the College Board guide with sample problems throughout.

Cheat Sheets

If you’re a fan of concise info and pocket-sized references, check out these resources!

Important SAT Math Facts: Although this is geared to the old SAT (the tips for combinations/permutations and sequences don’t apply anymore; there are no tips for new concepts, like imaginary numbers and trig), many of these tips and formulas still apply to the new SAT Math.

Punctuation: This reference sheet goes over a lot of handy punctuation rules that’ll not only help you on the SAT Writing, but will also help you become a better writer overall.

SAT Grammar Practice: Here, you’ll find a review of the 50+ most important SAT grammar rules, as well as a handy PDF print-out that you can study on the go!

Top 10 New SAT Essay Tips: If you’re taking the SAT Essay, this post is a useful guide for crafting a high-scoring essay.

Goal-Setting Resources

One Month or Three Month Study Schedule: Choose a schedule and print it out to make sure you keep up with it. These posts also link to some more websites that can help you with SAT Reading.

SAT Error Tracking: As you’re reviewing your answers, this sheet can help you can pinpoint your weak areas and the reasons for them, a practice that is crucial for SAT prep success.

Motivational Printouts


SAT Higher Score Hacks Infographic and other printables: Never underestimate the value of an inspiring study space. Check out these images for things you can post on your walls or have in your notebooks to brighten up your SAT prep experience. 🙂


By the way, Magoosh can help you study for both the SAT and ACT exams. Click here to learn more!