SAT Math Basics – Triangles

What you need to know about triangles on the SAT is nowhere near as much as you probably learned in high school. Remember law of cosines? Exactly, most people do not. But the law of cosines, and just about every thing else from trigonometry, is not tested on the SAT. Ahh…I think I just heard […]

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SAT Reading Comprehension Question Type: Direct Reference

In the previous installments, we took apart a reading comprehension passage. The passage is of medium length, and you will usually get a couple of these on the SAT. Typically, passages of this length have no more than six questions. As this is a tutorial of sorts, I’ve decided to milk the passage for ten […]

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SAT Permutations and Combinations Practice Questions

If you’ve read the combination and permutation posts, have a go at the following questions. These combinations/permutations questions are about as hard as any combinations or permutations questions you could see test day. Don’t forget to use the dash method! 1. Sally owns five different blouses. If she cannot wear the same blouse on two […]

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SAT Passage Inference Questions

Inference questions are a tricky bunch. We have to choose the answer that can best be supported by information in the passage. The trick is not falling prey to those answer choices that are somewhat correct, but go a little beyond the information in the passage. Questions typically try to trick us in a variety […]

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Illogical Comparisons on the SAT Writing Section

You’ve most likely heard the phrase never compare apples to oranges. This is definitely true on SAT Writing section. So if an answer choice compares two unlike things, then it is incorrect.   For instance, look at the following sentence: Mike’s test score was better than Sally. In this example, we are comparing Mike’s test […]

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“Oblivious to” and “Oblivious of” SAT Idioms for the Critical Reading Section

Do you know your SAT idioms? Here is one you definitely do NOT want to be unmindful of. First though, take a hack at the following question and see if you can answer it correctly.   The crowd remained oblivious of the fire, and only moved out of the way when A               B                  C they […]

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SAT Geometry Strategy: Plugging in Numbers

A great strategy on the SAT is plugging  in our own numbers. Many students forget this and instead try to set up ugly algebraic equations (while some have a knack for this, for the rest of us it is easier to think in 1, 2, 3, then in x, y, z). Other times students think […]

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Top Five Confusing SAT Words

With thousands of words to memorize, the SAT often leads to students to jumble up words in their heads. It’s hard to separate the most common SAT words from the no-shows on test day. And it’s hardly their faults—the English language is consists of many words that either look and/or sound very similar. See if […]

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SAT Reading Comprehension: Specific Line Reference

The next Reading Comprehension question type is also the most common question type. Introducing: Line reference question. Okay, there is some irony here – there’s no line reference but an xx (no, don’t get the wrong idea). For the blog critical reading passage I didn’t have the nifty little program that allowed me to insert […]

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SAT CR Passage Questions: “Line Number” Vocabulary Words

For the next two questions from the following SAT reading passage, we have a question type called Vocabulary in Context. This question type is one of the easiest to improve on, mainly because many students approach this question incorrectly. What happened in between those two photographs is that I experienced, then overcame, what the poet […]

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