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Minh Nguyen

SAT Exam Eligibility for Accommodations

If you have a disability that hampers your ability to take the SAT test, you may be able to request the College Board to grant you permission to take the test with accommodations such as extra time or use of a computer.

SAT exam eligibility for accommodations may vary on a case by case basis, so make sure to follow the Board’s guidelines carefully.

It can take up to seven weeks for the College Board to grant approval, so make sure to start the process early and don’t procrastinate. In order to submit a request, you need to contact your school counselor or your Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Coordinator.

SAT Accommodations for Disabilities Calendar

Click the image to go to the College Board’s calendar for accommodation request deadlines.


SAT Exam Accomodations Eligibility Rules:


1. You Need to Have a Documented Disability.

Basically, what this means is that you need to have some sort of an official report of your disability from your doctor. There are cases where the College Board may require you to submit this report, so make sure you have this information handy when going through the process.

Some examples of disabilities include, but are not limited to, learning disorders, medical and physical impairments, and visual impairments.

2. Your Ability to Take the SAT Must Be Impaired.

If your disability limits or negatively impacts your ability to take the SAT, then you may be able to qualify for accommodations. Students who are impacted in the areas of reading, writing, sitting for long periods of time, and other similar skills have a likely chance to be eligible.

However, if your disability does not directly affect your ability to take a College Board exam, then you may not be able to qualify for accommodations. For example, students who are impacted in the areas of hearing or walking might not receive eligibility because those skills are not directly related to a student’s ability to take the SAT exam.

3. You Must Need the Accommodation You Are Requesting.

The student needs to be able to prove that there is a need for the requested accommodation. For example, if a student requests large-print exams, then that student must be able to provide documentation showing that the student is visually impaired.

On the other hand, if the student cannot show adequate proof that there is a need for the accommodation, then the College Board may reject the request.

If you believe that you have a need for accommodation on the SAT, take a look at the official College Board website for students with disabilities for more details and contact information.


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