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Rita Neumann

Magoosh Online Prep for the New SAT


Affordable Prep for the Redesigned SAT

Today, I am excited to introduce the newest addition to Magoosh’s high school prep offerings: a product designed to help students prepare for the newly redesigned SAT!

Ever since The College Board announced that the SAT will be changing in March 2016, we’ve heard from a lot of concerned students, parents, and counselors who worry that students won’t have the resources necessary to fully prepare for the new exam. We want to assure everyone that this isn’t the case.

You CAN prep for the new SAT. And we can help.

About Magoosh’s New SAT Prep

Our prep for the newly redesigned SAT exam currently includes over 160 video lessons and over 400 practice questions, covering each section and question type on the new SAT exam. Each practice question comes with a video explanation that walks you through the best way to solve the problem (including which strategies to use and tips to avoid common pitfalls).

Like all our Magoosh prep plans, Magoosh New SAT comes with study schedules and email assistance from expert tutors. We also offer a 7-day free trial with no strings attached, so you can get a feel for our prep without making any commitments. You don’t even need to enter credit card information to sign up.

Click Here to Sign Up!

As we get closer to March 5th, we will be adding new lesson videos and practice questions, as well as new subscription lengths and study schedule options. So please stay tuned!

Magoosh SAT Prep Pricing Demo


Meet Your New SAT Dashboard

Our new SAT prep uses a simple interface so that you can quickly sign up and jump right into your prep (click here for a video demonstration). Your personal dashboard shows:

  • Lesson Videos: The left-hand column contains links to suggested lesson videos that are personalized based on your progress. Click “See all lessons” to go to the full list of lesson videos.
  • Practice Questions: The three green buttons under “Quick Practice” allow you to decide which section of the new SAT you’d like to practice. You can see how many questions you have left to answer, and you can click “Customize your practice” to be more in control of your practice sections.
  • Personalized Results: The three pie charts under “Results Summary” allow you to see, at a glance, which sections need the most practice. As you can see from the image below, I need to brush up on my math. 🙂
  • Notes: Be sure to take notes as you prep! Note-taking is a great strategy, and the “Your Notes” section allows you to store your personalized notations in an easy to find place.


Check out a snapshot of the Magoosh New SAT Dashboard:

Magoosh SAT Prep Dashboard Demo


You can log in to your account from any internet-connected device, anywhere, at any time. There is no limit on the number of times you can log in during the duration of your subscription.

New SAT Practice

After you’ve watched some lesson videos and mastered our strategies, try some practice questions! You can tailor your practice to your specific needs, and even hold the explanations to the end so that you can quiz yourself within a time constraint (a great way to practice pacing!)

Magoosh SAT Prep Practice Session Demo


New SAT Study Schedules

Need some more structure as you study? Of course you do! One of the best ways to stay on track and learn everything you need to know before the exam is to use a study schedule.

Magoosh’s New SAT study schedules use our lessons and questions, as well as official College Board materials, to help you get the most out of your new SAT prep. We currently offer a 3 Month SAT Study Plan, and will be adding more over the next month or so. Stay tuned!

Up-to-Date Redesigned SAT Content

Unlike many prep products that don’t keep up with the changes in the test (we’re looking at you, books!), Magoosh prep is constantly updated to match the evolution of the exam. We will be adding lots of new practice questions as we get closer to the March 5th test date. Please be sure to occasionally check your account for new and improved materials.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the new SAT?

The College Board will officially debut the newly redesigned SAT exam on March 5, 2016. If you’re feeling completely in the dark, or are nervous about this new exam, let me assure you: you are not alone.

Luckily, The College Board has released a lot of information and free resources to help students prep for the new exam. And, they’ve partnered with Khan Academy to provide free practice questions for students.

To learn all about the new SAT, I highly recommend perusing our list of posts dedicated to the topic: All About The Redesigned SAT. If you want the short version, check out The Redesigned SAT, a post by Magoosh SAT Expert, Chris Lele.

2. I already have a Magoosh SAT account. Do I need to sign up again?

No! All Magoosh SAT students who paid for a premium SAT account received our new SAT prep for $0.00. Yep, you got it for free.

To access your new SAT prep, go to and enter your existing login information. That’s it! 🙂

3. Is there a discount if I want to buy Magoosh prep for both the SAT and ACT?

Yes! Just email to ask about our SAT and ACT bundle pricing.

4. When will Magoosh stop offering prep for the current (“old”) SAT?

We offered prep for the current SAT until January 23, 2016, when the final “old” SAT is administered. Then, we gave away free SAT accounts to any student who had their January 23rd exam postponed due to Super Storm Jonas. From now on, we will only offer prep for the new SAT. However, you can access your old SAT progress at

5. Should I take the new SAT? Just the ACT? Help!

This is the question on everyone’s mind! A lot of students are opting to focus solely on the ACT this year, and ignore the SAT altogether. This is a good strategy for some students*, but not all students “get” the ACT (especially if you are science-phobic, not the fastest reader, or in lower level math classes.)

For students who tend to perform better on the SAT than the ACT, or who have already taken the SAT, sticking with the SAT is a good idea. The new test is completely learnable.

Your favorite SAT Expert, Chris Lele, wrote a great post about this question, which I highly recommend reading if you’re unsure: Which SAT Should You Take?

(*If you decide the ACT is a better option for you, well, we can help you out there too. Just go to Magoosh ACT to sign up! And if you’re interested in using Magoosh to prep for both the SAT and the ACT, email for a special discount.) 🙂

6. How is Magoosh’s New SAT prep different than Khan Academy/College Board prep?

Khan Academy and The College Board partnered to provide students with free resources that give students a better idea of what to expect from the new SAT. We highly recommend that students use these free resources to prep: they have full-length practice tests directly from the test-maker! Use those!

Here’s how Magoosh offers more:

  • Strategies: When studying on your own, it can be difficult to make progress because you make the same mistakes over and over, and don’t know how to correct them. Magoosh offers strategies to help you succeed on the new SAT. Our lesson videos explain how to solve each question type and topic you’ll encounter on the exam. Plus, all of our practice questions come with an explanation video. These explanation videos walk you through the question, review the best strategies to answer it, explain why the other answer choices are wrong, and alert you to common traps.
  • Support from expert tutors: At some point in your prep, you will get stuck. That’s when you email Our expert tutors are here to answer each and every student’s questions in a thorough and timely manner. We’ll help you with anything from a math problem to test anxiety. And we’ll probably do it with a lot of smiley face emojis. 🙂
  • Study schedules: The hardest part of online prep is finding a way to keep yourself accountable and on track. I mean, Magoosh is in the same magical universe as Facebook! The internet is a land of distraction. With our study schedules, you will know what to do each and every day of your prep.
  • Extras: The Magoosh High School Blog (you are here) offers incredible free resources that accompany our prep. Try leaving us a nice comment … we’ll definitely answer.


7. Does Magoosh’s new SAT prep prepare students for the PSAT?

Like our current SAT prep, our new SAT prep isn’t intended to prepare students specifically for the PSAT. In general, I don’t recommend that students spend a lot of time prepping for the PSAT exam, but if you absolutely want to do so, then I’d recommend using free College Board resources. And don’t forget that the PSAT is changing as of October 2015! Check out this post if you’d like to know more: The New PSAT: How to Prepare.

Have other questions? Let us know!

This prep is new, just like the upcoming redesigned SAT, and I’m sure that you have lots of burning questions about both. Please ask! Either leave a comment below, or email us at We’ll be sure to get right back to you. 🙂

Happy Studying!


P.S. Ready to get your highest SAT score? Start here.
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