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Rita Neumann

SAT eBook

New SAT eBook

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Today is an exciting day here at Magoosh SAT. We’ve worked long and hard to create the ultimate SAT resource — a guide that can help both beginning students learning about the SAT for the first time and advanced students looking for some strategies to boost their score.

What to expect from Magoosh’s Complete Guide to the New SAT eBook

First of all, this eBook is all about the new SAT, which debuted in March 2016. The content is completely up to date and reflects the new exam.

This eBook:

  • Explains the format of each section of the SAT
  • Covers every type of question the new SAT could ask
  • Provides proven strategies for each question type
  • Includes practice problems and explanations to help you along the way
  • AND has tons of helpful graphs and images to make learning easy and fun

Did I mention that this new SAT eBook is completely FREE?

Click to download the free PDF!

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Don’t think of this as a textbook. The Complete Guide to the New SAT isn’t dense or full of academic language. Start by skimming through the parts you find most interesting. Then, when you’re ready, dive deeper into individual sections, learning the strategies and practicing the concepts.

Download this free eBook today!

You can download the full-size PDF version of the SAT eBook by clicking here!

Pro Tip: In the PDF version of the eBook, you can click on the section titles in the Table of Contents to easily jump to the page you want to read.

You can also read the entire SAT eBook, through Slideshare, below!


Let us know how you like the eBook, by leaving us a comment below. 🙂


Wondering what happened to our Complete Guide to the (Old) SAT eBook? It’s still here, but much of the content is outdated. If you’re interested, you can access it here.

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