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Rita Neumann

Live Q&A Today: Sign Up to Ask All Your SAT Questions Before the June 7th Test!

Hi Magooshers!

The June 7th SAT is this weekend! Time to ask all your last minute questions. 🙂

You know that feeling when you’re studying for the SAT and you have a burning question, but neither your friends nor Google know the answer? Or you hear people gossiping about the SAT at school and you don’t know if you’re hearing rumors or the truth?

It’s stressful. But now we have a solution!

Save all those burning questions, and ask a Magoosh SAT Expert.

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Weekly SAT Video Chat

You, SAT students from around the world, and Magoosh SAT Experts Lucas, Kevin, and Chris.

Lucas Kevin-Rocci-100x120 Chris ML(Click their photos to see their bios and some posts they’ve written on the SAT!)

A live webinar, hosted by an SAT Expert. Come prepared with your questions about the SAT, submit them to the webinar (just type them in IM-style), and get the answers you need. Ask about anything SAT-related, like strategies for acing SAT math, what to bring to the test, and how to stay calm after bombing a difficult section.

Every Thursday at 4pm PST. (That’s Berkeley, CA time – convert to your time zone here).


Click the button below to register. Be sure to add the webinar to your calendar, so you don’t forget! When it’s time to join the Q&A, follow the instructions in the confirmation email. You can also register by clicking the SAT Video Chat widget in the right sidebar of this blog. (It’s below the Magoosh Newsletter and above the Social Media share buttons. See it up there with the happy computer?).

We hope to see you there!

Improve your SAT score; start your Magoosh SAT prep today

SAT Webinar

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About Rita Neumann

Rita creates fun, inspiring, and educational resources that introduce students to Magoosh and help them prep for their exams. She earned both her BA and Master of Pacific International Affairs from UC San Diego, where she also studied Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Rita loves education and marketing, just as much as she loves vinyasa yoga and baking chocolate chip cookies.

6 Responses to “Live Q&A Today: Sign Up to Ask All Your SAT Questions Before the June 7th Test!”

  1. yash jain says:

    i have 15 examples in my example bank
    micheal jordan
    magic johnson
    mike tyson
    micheal phelps
    the adventures of huckleberry finn
    the great gatsby
    MK gandhi
    MF hussain
    freedom of india from britishers
    the holocaust
    albert einstien
    stephen hawking
    jammu and kashmir how people are influenced
    Are these examples good enough for SAT?

    • Lucas Fink Lucas says:

      Hi Yash,

      That’s a great set of sources! I do think you have enough material there to respond well to almost any question that the SAT might give you, but really, whether it’s enough is all about how you use the examples. There’s no one topic that’s a “good” or “bad” example—how you write with the example is more important. So the best thing you can do is start writing essays using these sources for examples. One great exercise is to plan many, many essays with a timer, but not write any of them. Go through this list and write as many plans as you can, giving yourself 2-3 minutes for each one. That will give you a better idea of how well prepared you are with examples. 🙂

      • yash jain says:

        Thank you sir , i just wanted to ask do you reccomend me to study a bit about history of the american or civil wars which would bolster my example bank?

        • Lucas Fink Lucas says:

          Don’t worry—there’s no reason to study U.S. history specifically. And examples from any set of knowledge can work, as long as they fit the logic of your essay, are clearly explained, and are well written. 🙂 So use the stuff you know, rather than studying the stuff you don’t know!

          • yash jain says:

            thanks a lot sir for guiding me … actually i m quiet tensed about my essay and the writing section i m giving SAT this saturday i m tensed about getting a prompt which i dont know about. Like current affairs and politics

            • Lucas Fink Lucas says:

              Don’t worry; you won’t get any SAT prompt that asks about specific information in current affairs or politics. You might be able to use those topics in examples, yes, but SAT essays are very general in their scope. You don’t need any special outside information to write the essay.

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