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Tanya Shah

Meet Tanya, Our New SAT Expert Blogger!

Hi all!

I’m so excited to write for the Magoosh blog and share with you! For several years, I’ve taught test strategy and advanced high school English. Not surprisingly, I love to read and solve puzzles. I cannot believe I’m admitting this publicly, but I actually find standardized tests sort of fun.

My goal is to instill confidence in you. In my experience as a teacher and (of course) student, I’ve seen people of all ages and school stages frazzled by standardized tests. They feel anxious and frustrated that a timed set of exercises is designed in a certain way and used as a measure of their ability. Via this blog, I’ll help you build core skills, strategies, time management, and a fundamental understanding of how tests work. Hopefully, you’ll carry this not only into the SAT, but also into any other standardized test you encounter.

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When I’m not reading, I’m probably:

  • Eating my way through all the bakeries in San Francisco (I’ll probably be finished soon).
  • In the park with my dogs, Benji and Wall-E. A life-long animal lover, I also volunteer with rescue dogs at the SPCA.
  • Dousing my food with Sriracha, or some other hot sauce (but mostly Sriracha). It makes everything taste better and I’m never eating ketchup again.
  • Exploring parks—local parks, state parks, national parks. Life is best enjoyed outdoors. Perhaps I’m a little spoiled by life in California.
  • Dabbling in Spotify, Netflix, or NPR (sometimes all at once).

Please feel free to reach out with questions and post suggestions J I look forward to hearing from you!



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About Tanya Shah

Tanya has taught advanced English and test prep for over five years, and sees standardized tests as solvable puzzles. When she's not reading or writing, she is sampling local bakeries or enjoying the outdoors with her dogs.

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