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Nadira Berman

Meet Nadira!

Hi everyone!

I’m Nadira, Magoosh’s newest high school blogger. I’m from Berkeley, California and am a senior at The College Preparatory School. I’m so excited to help out with two of the major struggles that come with being a teenager nowadays: the SAT and college applications. The past year has been quite stressful for me, but I am living proof that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have learned a lot and am willing to offer many words of advice to those with questions about the whole college process.

Get to know me

1. My dream is to one day be a writer for a newspaper or magazine. I think journalism is so exciting because journalists truly do get to write the first draft of history. As of now, I am the editor-in-chief of my high school’s newspaper.

2. I love playing tennis. Although I am not the best athlete in the world, I have fun and try my best.

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A for effort!


3. I love all things film, from developing prints in the darkroom to editing video on iMovie and Premiere Pro.

4. My favorite shows of all time are Freaks and Geeks and Orange is the New Black. But most recently, I have been into True Blood. I’m just obsessed with TV in general.


5. I love my city! As a Berkeley native, I can answer any questions all you University of California applicants might have about what it’s like to live in this wonderful, quirky town.

Background on the SAT and college admissions

At my small, academically rigorous, private high school, junior and senior years are filled with lots of college-related drama. There are tears shed over who got the higher SAT score and fights when two people are applying early decision to the same school. I’ve learned how to deal with the emotional trials that come with this process. I know how to keep myself grounded and calm. Repeat after me: I will survive.

I took the SAT in March and then a second time in May. My score increased by a good amount so I’m glad I took it again. There is absolutely no shame in taking the test as many times as you need!

At this point in the year, writing college applications is in full swing for most seniors. Class of 2015: We can do it, guys! We’re almost done! If you have any questions about how I’m going about doing my applications, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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About Nadira Berman

As a Summer Marketing Intern, Nadira is excited to help high schoolers prepare for the SAT and ACT. As a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, she is considering studying economics. In her free time, she reports for the school newspaper and styles photo shoots for the school's fashion magazine. Besides fashion and journalism, her passions include bagels, smoothies and Netflix.

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