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Cassidy Mayeda

Meet Cassidy, Our New High School Blogger!

If you’ve clicked on this post, you’re probably curious what sane 18-year-old would want to spend her senior summer blogging about test prep instead of tanning on the beach in SoCal.

The answer — this one! (Though I’m sure many of my friends would argue that I’m not entirely sane.) I like studying far too much to be a normal human being.

Nonetheless, my name is Cassidy Mayeda, and I’m one of Magoosh’s newest SAT bloggers!

To explain my insanity …

… here is a list of why I’m blogging:

1. I love to help people.

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High school is inherently stressful, and oftentimes I’ve found myself the benefactor of older friends’ good advice. Blogging is a way to pay forward the help I received, and also give the advice I wished I’d had. Hopefully in the process we can reduce the number of test-induced freak-out sessions!

2. I’m passionate about learning.

No really, like you should see my summer book list. It’s ridiculous. But luckily for you it also means I’m always looking for new study techniques I can pass on to you.

3. I write for fun.

From slam poetry, to lengthy essays on philosophy, to excited letters to friends, I’m a frequent and prolific writer. I’ve blogged only once before for a creative writing project, but I’m excited to try my hand once again at it’s mystical arts.

4. It gives me an excuse to sit in coffee shops on a laptop and pretend I’m a hipster.

Oh how I love coffee shops! Oh how I could bellow from the rooftops beautiful odes to my wonderful, warm, spirited little shops! How I love to masquerade among the apple laptops and froofy sugar mochas!
starbucks hipster

More about me

Some info about me is that I will be attending Barnard College (associated with Columbia University) next year in New York City, and my hair color changes pretty much every week.
cassidy1cassidy3cassidy2And yes, a part of me does aspire to be Ramona Flowers.

I also attended San Dieguito High School Academy for all four years of high school. San Dieguito HS is a public high school where students wear Pikachu costumes with moderate frequency, and an absurdly high percentage go on to four year universities.

While there I survived the PSAT, the PLAN, the SAT, the ACT, a total of 9 AP tests, in addition to being ASB president, participating in multiple clubs, playing soccer and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and maintaining an above-4.00 GPA. Unfortunately, none of that is made up. Let’s just say there were several near-sleepless nights.

But hopefully these blog posts will help you get the rest (and balance) you need in high school. So if you have any questions, or suggested blog posts, please send them my way (you can leave comments below) and I would be more than happy to answer them!


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About Cassidy Mayeda

Cassidy recently graduated from San Dieguito High School Academy located in Southern California, and is looking forward to studying at Barnard College at Columbia University next fall. She loves pretty much everything from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, to classic American Literature, but above all learning new things and meeting new people. Like her older brother Zack (who also works at Magoosh!), she also enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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