18 Unexpected Tips for a Higher SAT Score

A great SAT score. It’ll take more than traditional studying to achieve. You’ll need guts, perseverance, and … bacon?

Yes, bacon. Or sugar. Or clairvoyance or a kitchen timer or a cute panda video.

Really, you’ll need a combination of the following 18 SAT lifehacks. They go far beyond book learning. In fact, some of them are downright bizarre. But hey – whatever works, right?

SAT Lifehack Infographic

These 18 unexpected tips can boost your SAT prep whether you have a month, a day, or 15 minutes left until your test. They’ll make it easier remain calm, focused, confident, and organized. Plus, they’ll help ensure that your mind and body are in top shape for the challenge that lies ahead.

Let us know which of our 18 unexpected tips you try!


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