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An International Student’s Guide to i-studentglobal

Today, we’re excited to present resources from a site that we love: i-studentglobal. If you have questions about the site, please feel free to leave us comments. Enjoy!

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The decision to study abroad is an important one and should not be made lightly. It makes perfect sense to do some research so that you are well informed when you make your decisions about your future education, particularly if you are looking to study internationally.

I-studentglobal is a free resource for prospective international students, parents and college counsellors, to help find out more about studying abroad. The primary focus of the site is based around studying internationally in English speaking countries, with detailed guides to studying abroad in UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Here is a brief overview of some of the features of the site, which will hopefully help to guide you in your study choices.

1. Student Blogs on I-studentglobal

Nothing explains the experience of studying abroad better than testimonials from students who have done it already. I-studentglobal has a network of international student bloggers from across the globe, brought together to share their experiences with you. You can view the full bloggers List or search by institution. With over 115 bloggers, there is plenty to read through and lots of experiences to read about before you go.

2. I-studentglobal Subject Guides

If you are not sure what to study yet, our site offers subject guides which include broad areas such as Media, Arts & Design, Business, Economics & Law and Medicine & Health Sciences, as well as breaking these down further into individual subjects like Music, Business and Nursing. These can be accessed through the Subjects menu, or by using the search bar.

3. I-studentglobal Articles

I-studentglobal has a large library of articles written by our editorial team, freelance writers based around the world and professional academics who are leading in their fields. Some popular sections on the site include:

Before You Go – Tips for getting the most out of your university experience and articles to help with course selection such as Dorm Life Made Easy, Tips To Fit In With The Locals and 3 Avenues To Prepare For Higher Education.

Subject Specific Articles – We have many subject specific articles, such as Top 6 Essential Traits of Great Doctors, ‘5 Famous Female Engineers’ and ‘5 Career Tips for International Arts Students’.

Professional Interviews – We have interviewed a number of professionals from a wide range of jobs, including recently a host of medical and healthcare professionals to give our readers and insight into life after graduation in these areas. These included interviews with a Social Services EDT Worker, a Learning Disability Nurse & a Junior Doctor.

4. Learning English with I-studentglobal

We have a number of articles about learning English, including information about IELTS, TOEFL and CAE tests for English language proficiency. Here are some of our most popular articles about learning English: IELTS vs TOEFL – Which is better?, ‘Why Study CAE?’ and ‘TOEFL Practice Paper’.

5. I-studentglobal Country Guides

Use the Locations menu to find out more about studying abroad in a number of countries with information about:

  • Benefits of studying in that country
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Visas and working abroad
  • Fees and costs
  • Application information and more…


6. I-studentglobal Interviews

We have spoken to a number of higher education professionals to find out more about their jobs and how they work with international students, from recruitment through to graduation, to help support them during their time studying internationally, whether its for a term, a year of a whole degree.

Staff Interviews – Interviews with 2 Directors of International, Head of International Student Support and an Executive Officer of Study Abroad.

Student Interviews – Interviews with international students studying dance, translation, primary teaching, creative writing and film.

Student Union Reps – An interview with 3 student union representatives from University of Sussex.

7. I-studentglobal Site Search

Whatever you are searching for, you can quickly find what you want with our live site search, which separates the results into pages, bloggers and articles & blogs. The search is found in the top right corner of the page.

8. Why Study Here

Finally, if you are seeking student testimonials from current and past international students, our sister site Why Study Here? features hundreds of student quotes about their universities, as well as links to universities social media, news, videos and much more. You can navigate the whole site or click on any tile’s institution tag at the bottom to view more from that university or college. There you can filter by subject area and origin of the students. With Universities as far afield as Australia and USA, the world is your oyster for studying abroad with Why Study Here?

If you have any questions about i-studentglobal or Why Study Here? you can contact us on content@i-studentglobal.com and we will get back to you shortly.

Visit our social media pages for the latest site updates and other great student content on www.facebook.com/istudentglobal and www.twitter.com/istudentglobal

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About i-studentglobal

i-studentglobal is a free online resource for students looking to study abroad. With articles written by freelancers, academics and our editorial team, as well as student blogs from our network of international students and much more. Visit i-studentglobal.com to learn more about studying at college or university overseas today.

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