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Eric Allen

Questions to Keep in Mind for Your Next College Visit

This post is a contribution from our friends at Admit.me.

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Next time you find yourself on a college tour, ask questions that matter. The following are just a few things to think about in terms of college life. Trust me, y’all: there’s nothing worse than coming up empty-handed when the Q+A portion of the tour comes up…

Student housing/dorms:

  • How many dorms are there on campus? How are they separated geographically?
  • Which dorm on campus has been the most recently renovated?
  • What is the proximity of dorms to campus/classes? How much time does it take to walk (or drive) from my dorm to class?
  • What are the different types of living arrangements on campus? Do most students live in student housing or off-campus apartments?
  • Do first year students live in separate housing?
  • Are dorm accommodations guaranteed? If so, for how long?
  • How can students access the dining hall? How far away is on-campus dining from dorms?
  • Do most students enjoy the dining halls?
  • How long am I required to live in student housing/have an on-campus meal plan?
  • What are the different types of meal plans I can purchase?

Student life:

  • Does this campus offer Greek life? If so, what percentage of the student body belongs to a sorority or fraternity?
  • How many different clubs can I get involved with on campus?
  • Do most students go home on the weekend?
  • Are the majority of students in-state residents? Is there a diverse mix of students on campus?
  • Is there a transportation service for students on campus? If so, how easy is it to rely on?
  • Can I easily access a cab or car service in case of an emergency?
  • Where do most students spend their time when they’re not in class?
  • What is a typical student’s weekend like?
  • Where are the typical places students choose to study?
  • Are there any free tutoring programs that students can use if they need help?
  • Is there a career center on-campus that I can utilize when looking for work/internships?

Safety services:

  • What initiatives are put in place to keep students safe?
  • Are students relying upon an on-campus police force or that of the city or town surrounding it?
  • Are there public safety pick up services available late at night to students?
  • What if I’m alone and I need to get to the other side of campus? Can I call someone?

First year students:

  • As a first year student, how can I get involved on campus?
  • Does your school offer “learning community” opportunities? Are there programs in place to meet the people in my major?
  • Are there any learning opportunities specially designed for freshman or first-year students?
  • Who teaches first year classes–is it professors or just teaching assistants?
  • What’s the average class size of freshman classes?
  • What are the most popular majors on campus?
  • How many students get internships after their freshman year?

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Kofi Kankam is the CEO and co-founder of Admit.me. Kofi is maniacally focused on ensuring that Admit.me provides equal access to college and grad school for all applicants. He is still trying to recover from his poverty-inducing days at Harvard, Harvard Ed, and Wharton.

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