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Wowing the Admissions Office

We all want to feel special. Regardless of the generational debates, the fact is that the desire to feel good about oneself is something that is inherent within each one of us; that said, the reality is that there are a whole bunch of us all running around on this spinning ball of blue and green. Understanding our reality on a global level can be frustrating, however that same frustration can be found as we dig further into the various microcosms that exist.
For many of us, one of the first real-world tests with this concept will be as we apply to colleges and universities. High School guidance counselors, encouraging teachers and parents all help to steer us towards our collegiate goals, yet in the end, the fact remains that your application will be one of thousands that the various admissions offices review each year. That said, there are things you can do to help stand out from the sea of applicants- the following five tips will help you do just that.

Read the Small Print

There is certainly a typical protocol for admissions resumes, however most colleges will provide clear rules for their accepted formats and requirements. Before you begin to craft your resume, take some time to review each specific college’s rules on resumes. All too often the mistake is made that a single application resume can be recycled and used for all entrance applications- this is the quickest way for you to find yourself on the receiving end of a rejection letter. You may be everything that your dream school is looking for, however you’ll be sending the wrong message if you’re unable to follow clear definitions.

Quality over Quantity

While you’ll want to adhere to any specific length requirements, unless specifically stated, the old rules of a single page resume do not always apply. Unless clearly delineated, your resume can certainly be longer than a single page- the key is to focus on the quality of details you include. Similar to employment resumes, be cognizant about the relevance of the skills you include. Yes, the middle school tenure as student council officer may be significant in your life, however consider the time lapse and focus your resume towards that which you accomplished more recently.

Beyond Participation

You listened to their advice and became involved in various clubs and activities…and so did hundreds of others across the various high school systems. Here is your chance to go one step further and, rather than simply regurgitating the activities you were involved in, display the skills you’ve learned in relation to how they’ll propel your college career. Sure, you were the treasurer of your schools chess club and your team took regionals, however what did you learn and how did you contribute? These are the small details that help you stand above the crowd. Did you help organize a fundraiser? Organize a community event? Make sure you include these types of details.

Reveal Recognition

Confucius said, “Humility is the foundation of all virtues.” Yes, humility is something that we should all reign in now and then, however during your collegiate admissions is one exception. If you’ve received awards, rankings or even completed/competed in academic completions, now is the time to showcase your successes. Be strategic in that which you outline- you don’t want to go on with an endless list, rather focus in on those that focus on your leadership, ability to work as part of a team and, ultimately, see something all the way through.

Be Sincere

This should go without saying, however as you consider your college plans, having a genuine interest in the schools you choose to apply is key. Whatever your underlying reason for wanting to be accepted, your sincere interest should shine through your resume. Don’t let your resume be the only parameter which your interest can be seen. Admissions officers will often take note of your participation in forums, Facebook and the likewise.

These helpful tips were provided by ResumeEdge. Check out the ResumeEdge blog for more helpful advice!

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