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Frances Wong

6 Benefits of Studying Abroad

There’s a reason why you chose to attend the college you’re currently at, so why would you voluntarily leave a place you chose to call home for 4 years? Well, if it’s to study abroad for a semester, you may just be making the right choice.

Freshmen and sophomore often consider studying abroad for a semester if their major allows it. Some worry that they’ll miss out by being away from campus, while others are afraid of they won’t fit in. If you’re considering it, here are 10 reasons why you should go go for it:

1. You get to make new friends.

You’ll get to know other friends studying abroad with you from the same university, as well as the students you’ll meet abroad! There will be so many opportunities for you to meet new people and make new friends for life.

2. You get to experience new cultures.

By studying abroad, you’ll be immersing yourself into a new lifestyle and experiencing a new set of cultural traditions. Whether it’s Europe or Asia, you’ll gain a new perspective you’ve never had before.

3. You can travel on a budget!

The best part about studying abroad is you get to travel on a budget. When you’re in Europe, it’s relatively cheap and easy to visit other cities and other countries. Similarly, when you’re in Asia, travel is equally cheap! So, you’ll be able to travel the world during your time aboard.

4. You can become more independent!

Students move out and live alone for the first time in college. Some students still prefer to go to college relatively close to home, so they are still able to see their family once a month if not more! While it can be great to stay close to your family, this short period abroad can help you develop more independence as you settle into a new environment and travel alone.

5. You are apart of a new alumni network.

Studying abroad and a partner university gives you access to another alumni network you can tap into. Not only is it great for you to meet new people, but it’ll be very useful in the future when you’re looking for jobs.

6. You can hone your language skills.

Finally, if you’re taking another language, this would be the opportunity for you to hone in your language skills. College language classes are typically intensive, but nothing is better than practicing the language everyday.

Still not convinced? If you’re still worried about missing out, you can always choose to study abroad during the summer! Want more advice? Make sure to search through profiles of students accepted to see essays, stats, and advice. See how they got in, and how you can too!

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