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Katie Zandbergen

Score Choice & Super Score

This guest blog post was contributed by our friends at Admitster. Admitster works to help level the college admissions playing field by guiding schools, students, and parents through the complex world of college admissions, offering free online tools and affordable services along the way.
While the SAT is more closely resembling the ACT these days, there are still many differences between the two tests that you should be aware of. For instance, did you know that while a number of colleges and universities will super score your SAT results, far fewer will super score your ACT? Specifically, students often have the score choice option, but whether super scores will be considered or not is up to individual schools.

Wait, what?! Score choice? Super score? What is all of this?


An excellent question!

Score Choice – Score Choice has been an option for ACT test-takers, but for students taking the SAT and SAT Subject Tests, Score Choice was only introduced by the College Board in March of 2009. If you take the test more than once, as is recommended, Score Choice allows you to determine which scores you send to colleges (by testing date for the SAT and ACT, and by individual test for the SAT Subject Tests). Keep in mind, however, that some colleges will require that you submit all of your test scores – in those cases the element of choice is gone. For more information on ACT Score Choice click here, and for SAT and SAT Subject Test Score Choice information click here.  Know that Score Choice is optional and if you opt not to use it then all of your scores will automatically be sent.

Super Score – This is where things get interesting! Some colleges will consider the best of your standardized test section scores across multiple test dates, adding them together for your super score.  For instance:

May 31st blog

Not all colleges and universities partake in super scoring, however, so know ahead of time if your dream colleges are super scorers or not. For a list of SAT score use practices at different colleges and universities, click here, and the colleges on this unofficial list will super score your ACT. This is crucial information to have in-hand when considering your score-sending strategy so, as ever, be informed, as you’re then in the strongest position to make the most appropriate journey-to-college decisions!

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About Katie Zandbergen

Katie Zandbergen is the Director of Research at Admitster. She earned her BS in Business & Management at Skidmore College, worked in administration at the University of Edinburgh, and was employed as an analyst in the Education & Family Support division at Abt Associates. At the University of Oxford, she earned her master’s degree and PhD in Comparative Social Policy, and also spent three years as the Junior Dean at Trinity College. After completing her graduate studies, she moved to the Netherlands, where she took on a number of responsibilities at Amsterdam University College, including working as a member of the college’s admissions team. She brings to Admitster over a decade of experience working in academia and is responsible for the content of Admitster’s online community, working to build traction on the site.

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