Nine YouTube Videos That Will Help You Destress

We all need a study break sometimes. Take a moment to forget about all of the stress of finals and watch some cute animal videos. Here are my recommendations.


Happy cows


After these cows escaped death, their love of life was visibly restored. If you’ve lost all hope, take a look at how happy these animals are! Soon, it will be summertime and you will be free, just like them.


Goro slips on ice


Let this silly dog bring some joy to your day. Just look at him slipping around on the ice in his cute, little winter coat and boots!


Golden retriever family


FIFTEEN golden retriever puppies?! How can you possibly go wrong?


Bath time for baby sloths


These little puffballs may be the cutest of them all. Although they don’t enjoy taking baths, they look pretty adorable doing it.


Baby plays with puppy


A cute animal + a cute human = the ultimate cute YouTube video.


Cats meeting puppies


The interactions of energetic puppies and nonchalant, grouchy cats are predicable yet hilarious.


Hedgehogs go tubing


Why do hedgehogs stick their faces in cardboard tubes? The world may never know.


Baby goats in sweaters


24 seconds of pure adorableness.


Dog teaches puppy to walk down stairs


Be thankful for your teachers. This puppy couldn’t have learned to go down stairs without hers.


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