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Rita Neumann

Cat-Approved Back-to-School Wardrobe Essentials

These cats know how important it is to look your best on your first day back at school. Today, they model the best of fall 2014’s school-year fashions for all styles, interests, and personalities.



Hipster cat buys his beanies and skinny jeans from local, non-mainstream stores with labels you wouldn’t recognize. Wears glasses, though he has 20/20 vision. Enjoys the irony.

Drama Kid

drama 1drama 2

Maybe you go method, and wear your latest drama costume to school. Perhaps you don the clothing from the time period of your favorite playwright. But your clothes are just a prop – it’s your dramatic flair that sets you apart.

Film Buff


For you, it’s all about the vintage Scarface t-shirt, the IMDb app on your phone, and your movie theater membership. Buying your own 3-D glasses was a no-brainer.

Band Geek


Instrument case, sheet music, performance attire/marching band uniform – thank goodness you get a giant band locker to store it all in. Don’t head to school without some great tunes on your iPod and a killer set of headphones.



Dress like you own a motorcycle. Whether or not you own a motorcycle. Never let anyone know the truth – the mystery suits you.


artsy1 artsy2

Nothing says art student like a beret. Add a drawing pad and some charcoal pencils, then get to work sketching your classmates during boring lectures.



Did you forget to put on your shirt after water polo practice? Do you take off your good basketball shoes to put on your actual basketball shoes? It’s fine. Keep scoring the points and no one will care how old your ‘fancy’ sweatpants are.



Your doubles partner taught you how to tie a bow tie at age 7, but you prefer to dress down for school. An argyle sweater, khakis, year-round pastels – this is your high school uniform. At least until Ivy League interviewers come around.



You’ll need a hat and a pair of stylish glasses so that you can read in or outdoors, depending on the weather. Grab a tote bag with your favorite literary quote or inside joke, to easily carry reading material and moleskine notebooks from class to class.

Photo Credit: tumblr / statiflickr.com / sparkleshock / nerdsinhell.com / whichdn.com / funny-pictures.picphotos.net / cheezburger.com / mooandflo / planetsporty.com / imgur / tumblr

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