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Rita Neumann

Back to School Tips

If only the end of summer vacation corresponded with the end of the summer season. Then, you’d have until September 22nd to relax without daily classes, homework, SAT prep, and college research. Does anyone else feel like school starts earlier every year?


To help you get back into school mode (sorry), the Magoosh Marketing Team put together a list of our top back to school tips.

1. Start a project that’s not for a grade


Give yourself a creative outlet from all the grading pressure at school. Start painting a picture, building a boat, constructing a model airplane — whatever! — and plan to have it done by the end of the semester or school year. You’ll be proud of what you created and you’ll learn more about yourself and what you enjoy in the process! Nobody can slap a grade on that.
– Maizie


2. Find classes you like


Make sure you’re happy about the classes you’ve enrolled in. If you have the option to switch your classes around and you think you’d be happier with a different teacher or course, definitely do so! I had many friends do this in high school, and they ended up having much better academic years because of it. Of course, sometimes you’re not able to switch classes (especially if you have to meet a lot of requirements) – but it doesn’t hurt to try!


3. It’s all about your attitude


I couldn’t think of anything so I texted my sister (who just finished high school):

“Like high school? Probably to have a positive attitude and act confident even if you aren’t haha.”
– Mark (and Kate)


4. Sleep!


Be sure to sleep the night before! If you let your nervous energy get the best of you, you’ll find yourself falling asleep in class or rushing in late to first period. Don’t be that guy.
– Ronke


5. Don’t get a bottom locker


Get one that’s in between your classes so that you don’t have to go out of your way to get to your locker. Because carrying around heavy books sucks. So does being late to class. Everyone stares at you when you walk in.
– Rachel


6. Stay in school


It may be really tempting to slack on attendance during your senior year, especially once you get acceptance letters from colleges. However, I would recommend going to school as much as possible– not to learn (though that’s nice, too) but to hang out with your friends.

Once you all scatter off to college, you won’t be able to have lunch, make plans, talk every minute, collectively complain about teachers, etc. all together in one place at one time. Take advantage of it while you can!
– Margarette


7. Get Organized


You know how every teacher gives you a syllabus with a long list of required materials? You should buy those, ASAP. Yes, you will run into all of your classmates and their moms at Office Depot, wait in line for 45 minutes before you can check out, and end up spending way too much money on folders with dividers. Why bother?

Because having them in hand will allow you to start of the year on the right foot – with legible notes, an organized backpack, and a 75% chance of locating your syllabus by the end of the semester. Plus, it’ll come in handy when you find out that your notebook check is worth 35% of your grade. Easy points, people. – Rita


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About Rita Neumann

Rita creates fun, inspiring, and educational resources that introduce students to Magoosh and help them prep for their exams. She earned both her BA and Master of Pacific International Affairs from UC San Diego, where she also studied Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Rita loves education and marketing, just as much as she loves vinyasa yoga and baking chocolate chip cookies.

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