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Ultimate Study Playlists

Got an intense study session coming up? Check out NextStepU’s list of free music playlists that’ll supercharge your studies!

Pandora Radio and Spotify are great online and mobile resources for streaming music. Both have their pros and cons and offer numerous options when it comes to your music preferences and, for students on a budget, both are free with the option to upgrade. So, when the time comes to get your study on, you have plenty of options to keep you focused and motivated, no matter what your musical taste.

I’ve been through many a late night before finishing assignments and have discovered my top playlists for study jams. Here are a few of my favorites:


Epic Soundtracks (Pandora):

Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings meets Inception meets The Dark Night meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Mind blown yet? You will be after this playlist. Nothing pumps you up more for a six pager than feeling like you’re off on heroic journey through Middle Earth or off to save the day at Hogwarts.

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Summer Hits of the 90’s (Pandora):

Current high school and college students are the last of the 90’s generation kids. This station is for those who can fully appreciate the great alternative rock and hip hop from the greatest decade (in my opinion). Get ready to feel angst and nostalgia when Oasis’s “Wonderwall” comes on or feel chills when Sixpense None The Richer’s “Kiss Me” permeates your headphones.


Intense Studying (Spotify):

Classical music can really increase productivity and focus and this playlist has quite a selection. It includes classics like Mozart and Beethoven as well as contemporary pieces from modern orchestras. It’s calming yet up-tempo enough to keep you focused and ready to work.


Your Favorite Coffee House (Spotify):

This gives you the feel of sitting in a Starbucks or similar venue without having to leave your bed or desk. I don’t know what it is but there’s something about coffee shops that puts you in the zone to get work done but simultaneously makes you want to Shazam every song so you can download it. Now you know the secret behind their magic — this playlist.


Have a Great Day! (Spotify):

Where else can you find ABBA, Bruno Mars, Jackson 5, Journey and much more? This playlist has the happiest, most upbeat songs from the 70’s through now. You’ll want to study, dance and sing along which could just be the magic formula to getting things done­. Geometry’s never brought a smile to your face like this before.


Author Bio:

Ali Sewalt is the marketing intern at NextStepU. She is currently a senior at Nazareth College in Rochester, N.Y. studying communications and marketing.



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