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Peter Poer

The Stages of SAT Grief

It’s okay to grieve. You’re losing free time, sleep, a little bit of your mind … all in the name of the SAT.

You’re not alone. Studying for the SAT is a process.

These are the stages of the SAT grieving process, from when you first learn about this test of horrors to when you accept your fate … and are accepted into college.

1. Denial

This isn’t happening. I’m not taking the SAT. I’m just going to stay in high school until I die or get arrested.

2. Anger

amy anger
Ten sections!? How many hours?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN “NO TEXTING?!?!?!”

3. Bargaining

bargaining cat
How about I just do a multiplication table and we’ll call it a day?

4. Depression

prez depression
Who can study when there’s so much pain in the world? Specifically, my part of the world.

5. Studying

The book is open — what more do you want from me?

6. Studying For Real

I’ll just pretend its transfiguration class.

7. Acceptance

Phew. Never again. (Except for the GRE.)

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