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Rachel Wisuri

SAT VoCATulary: Learn Vocabulary with Cats

Hello Magooshers! Do you like cats and vocabulary? Good, so do we. Below, our furry little friends will teach us some new vocabulary words. Who said studying had to be boring?

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histrionic cat, take 2

This cat is a total drama queen. He’s probably not even hissing at anything, but just being overly dramatic. Histrionic means “overly emotional and melodramatic.”

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rotund cat

Our fluffy, white friend is proud of her round, plump body. We could even call her “rotund,” which means just that: rounded in figure, plump, or having a round or spherical shape.


aghast cat

“What do you mean there’s no more kitty treats!!?” Clearly, our kitty is aghast, meaning he is struck by shock and amazement.


inquisitive cat

“Hey! What’s in there? Is this a place to sleep? Is my head going to get stuck? Why is there no food in here?” This tall beauty is incredibly inquisitive. What does ‘inquisitive’ mean, you ask? Great question. This word means “inclined to investigate; eager for knowledge.” It also means “disposed to ask questions,” like our constantly-questioning and curious cat. 

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conciliatory cats

These cats had a fight–most likely over food or a piece of string. They were arguing non-stop, until the cat on the right made a conciliatory gesture and offered a friendly hug. Conciliatory means “making or willing to make concessions.” 

About Rachel Wisuri

Rachel helps eager students find out about Magoosh. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a super helpful double major in History and French. In her free time she can be found eating peanut butter, drinking five cups of tea per day, and playing with cats.

5 Responses to “SAT VoCATulary: Learn Vocabulary with Cats”

  1. SonySherpa says:

    Very helpful!

  2. Angela Sato says:

    Clear and memorable! thanks!

  3. Yanito Freminoshi says:

    This is a great idea! Why is there no facebook page 🙂

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