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Myka Yamasaki

High Schooler Habits to Break

If you are a high schooler, you most likely have more than a few bad habits. Now, these two habits I am going to talk about seem to especially plague the high school population. The earlier you break these habits, the better off you will be in the long term.


1) Not getting enough sleep.

Are you constantly getting less than 7 hours of sleep? Are you always staying up late because you procrastinated or are just scrambling to finish studying for a test? If you answer yes to these questions, it is time to reconsider. The importance of a full night’s rest cannot be overstated. Chronically not getting enough sleep makes you more prone to getting sick, stressed, and just keeps you from performing at your best in anything that you do.

Getting started on work, writing essays, and studying for tests as early as possible will help ensure that you won’t have to stay up late all the time. Believe me, when I started being more proactive about studying and got 8 hours of sleep before a test, I got much better grades! It may seem like staying up really late everyday is just what it is like to be a student but it really doesn’t have to be that way. So get ready for bed early just like this cat!



2) Procrastinating.

This sort of ties into the first bad habit of not sleeping but procrastination really isn’t your friend. You will want to start kicking the habit in high school because it will REALLY not be your friend once you are in college. I get it, it is hard not to procrastinate. I used to be huge procrastinator myself. But I can genuinely say that school and life in general is so much better since I became better at not procrastinating.

If you can stop procrastinating, you will not only get more sleep but you will just have more time in the day to do meaningful things. Whether it be opening up time to start volunteering somewhere or spending more time with your family, kicking the procrastination habit can only mean good things. You will be happier, less stressed overall, and more productive. Remember the things you do while procrastinating (ie. watching Netflix) will only make you more stressed in the long term.

I hope this post helped you reflect on these bad habits and helps motivate you to start working on breaking them. Breaking habits doesn’t happen overnight but if you work at it, things will change!


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About Myka Yamasaki

Myka will be attending Occidental College (located in Los Angeles) in the fall and is very excited! She is looking forward to reflecting on her high school experience to help others do their best on the SAT/ACT and in college admissions. She loves cats, food, and friends.

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