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Ronke Aderonmu

Best College Admissions Blogs of the Week — September 1-7

Hey SAT studiers!

It’s that time of the week again 🙂 Here’s a list (in no particular order) of the top 10 college prep blog posts we found in the last week. I hope you have as much fun reading the lists as I did making it!

  • SAT Vocab with Magoosh: I’ll admit, this isn’t really a blog post. But, how could I not add in our new vocab podcast to this top 10 list? It’s free, you’ll learn new words, and you can listen to it anytime, anywhere; what’s not to love?

  • SAT Subject Tests: A Primer: Most people are pretty familiar with the SAT but very few really understand the SAT subject tests. They’re super important for your college apps to, so get the 411 on them from this Noodle Education blog post!

  • Students Make The Call . . . NOT Parents!: You might have gotten away with it in high school, but in college, this is just a bad idea. So learn how to take the lead from your parents with this My College Calendar post.

  • Do It For Yourself: Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad: Oooo-ooo, traveling the world: doesn’t that sound fun? If you’re on the fence about if this is for you, then check out these 5 reasons from Educator to help you decide.

  • Time to Revise: 5 Tips for Editing Your College Essay: Sometimes, it feels like the hardest part of writing an essay is going back to look at it again. So get these tips from Teen Life to help take the stress out of essay revising!

  • How To Quit Spending Too Much Time Online: You know how it is: you sit down to start that 5 page paper and 5 hours later, you’ve spent more time on Facebook than in Microsoft word. There’s help for us procrastinators with this University Language post!

  • Straight from the horse’s mouth: SAT & ACT officials speak: Here’s a fun post from Sheldon the Word Nerd chock full of insider details on what the officials behind the test think of your SAT’s and ACT’s!

  • 5 Reasons to Get Expert College Admissions Assistance: If you’re planning to fill out your college apps on your own, think again! PossibilityU explains why you’ll need help to produce a stellar app and where you can go to find it.

  • What Colleges Accept Low SAT Scores?: So you’ve worked hard studying for the SAT, but your scores turned out much lower than expected. It’s not the end of the world, thanks to this post from Find College Cards, so chin up and get to researching these schools!

  • How To Spot A Scam School (Diploma Mill) : Made up colleges that rip off unsuspecting students of thousands of dollars? This is crazy stuff, my friends! Get these tips from College Times to make sure you stay far away from this college scam.

That’s it for this week’s list! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve got any blogs you think are worthy of next week’s top ten!

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