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Category: SAT Infographic

Rita Neumann

18 Unexpected Tips for a Higher SAT Score

A great SAT score. It’ll take more than traditional studying to achieve. You’ll need guts, perseverance, and … bacon? Yes, bacon. Or sugar. Or clairvoyance or a kitchen timer or a cute panda video. Really, you’ll need a combination of the following 18 SAT lifehacks. They go far beyond book learning. In fact, some of […]

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Chris Lele

Old SAT vs. New SAT

Top 10 Changes Coming to the SAT in 2016 You may have recently heard that the SAT is changing — and changing drastically (some even say it may be more challenging than the current test). It is easy to get lost in the myriad of changes the College Board has planned for the new SAT, […]

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