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Category: College Board

Lucas Fink

College Board Announcement: New SAT Changes

It’s been eight years since the SAT was changed to include the writing section, update the math, and take out analogies. Apparently, that change wasn’t quite enough. Now it’s 2013, and the College Board announced this week that they’re going to give the SAT another makeover. So far, they’ve been pretty vague about it. There […]

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Chris Lele

How to Use SAT Essay Prompts from College Board

For those SAT high achievers there are a limited number of College Board tests. Once you’ve gone through the blue book, you are forced to use questions from other publishers, and no one can write questions quite the way College Board does. However, there is one section in which you are in luck: the essay […]

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Margarette Jung

An SAT Essay Grader’s Perspective

An essay-grader previously employed by College Board is currently doing a Reddit IAMA (I am a….), where he answers any and all questions about his experience: An interesting read, if you’re interested in what sort of method they use to grade and interesting trends they see across essays! One of my favorite insights:

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