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Category: Admissions Essay

Linda Abraham

First Drafts of Personal Statements: Let Yourself Go

Writing the first draft of your personal statement is probably the hardest part of the whole application process. Here’s how to let yourself go.

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Frances Wong

How to Tackle the “Why Us” School-Specific Essay (with Examples!)

Of all the supplemental college essays out there, the “Why Us?” essay is the most difficult to master, especially when you have to write one for each school on your college list. So, how do you convince admissions officers at each college you belong there, while staying true to yourself?   With AdmitSee’s database of […]

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Kim Lifton

Mastering the Most Challenging College Essay: Why College X?

Many schools ask for supplemental essays in addition to the personal statement; the most common supplement, which we call “Why College X?,” is a variation on the question, “Why us?” This prompt can be one of the most challenging for students. The questions often look like these, which are taken from current and past years’ […]

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Brianna Burrows

What Admissions Officers Look For In Your Essay

There are many requirements to apply to college, such as your SAT score or TOEFL score. There is one element to the application process that can be the most difficult for students: the essay. Your essay, or personal statement, is a key deciding factor in your application. A majority of colleges and universities believe the […]

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Elizabeth Peterson

Tips for Your 2016 Common Application Essay

Need some direction when tackling the Common Application Essay? Here are six tips to help you get started.

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Kristin Fracchia

New Common Application Essays 2016 – 2017

The Common App has just released its essay prompts for the 2016 to 2017 application season. Here are our thoughts on which ones are the best.

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Myka Yamasaki

Revision Tips for Essays

Whether the essay is a college application or a research paper, there are a few must have steps for being able to submit high quality writing.

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Elise Gout

If I Could Rewrite My Application Essays Now that I’m in College

It occurred to me, as I was working on a couple academic papers for school, that there’s a lot about my writing process that has substantially changed just in these past few months. And while, of course, a personal statement for a university application is far different from a research paper on [insert any classic Greek text here], there are skills I’ve learned for approaching the latter that can easily carry over.

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Nadira Berman

Three Tips For Editing Your College Essay

Putting the finishing touches on those college essays? Read on for some useful tips (including when to take a well-deserved break)!

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Elise Gout

Getting the Most Out of College Essay Revision

We’re about a month into the school year which means, ideally, you should be about a month into writing your college application essays.

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