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Category: ACT Conflicting Viewpoints

Kristin Fracchia

TuesdACT: The ACT Science Conflicting Viewpoints Passage

One of the most dreaded passages on the ACT Science test is the Conflicting Viewpoints Passage, known by some students as the “fighting scientists” passage because it basically presents two or more scientists or students duking it out over their theories on some type of scientific phenomenon.

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Rita Neumann

3 Steps to Rock Conflicting Viewpoints Passages on the ACT

In Conflicting Viewpoints passages, on the ACT Science Test, several different viewpoints or hypotheses will be presented on a specific scientific phenomenon. The first few paragraphs will describe the phenomenon and the remaining paragraphs will outline each student or scientist’s viewpoint. These passages typically contain more words than Research Summaries or Data Interpretation passages, so […]

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