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Category: ACT Functions

Kristin Fracchia

TuesdACT Video: Red Book Math Test 5 #60 – Functions

  In this special episode of TuesdACT (and the next few episodes), we are going to work through solutions to some of the questions in The Real ACT Prep Guide, 3rd Edition that students are always asking about. We’re kicking it off with a math question on functions from ACT Practice Test 5, Question 60, […]

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Magoosh ACT

How to Make Sense of Functions on the ACT Math Test

Function questions are among the toughest problems you might see on the ACT Math Test. These questions sometimes ask about domain and range, or present you with a linear or quadratic function and ask you to plug in a number for a variable and solve. Functions can also use made-up symbol. For these tricky problems, […]

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