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    Susanna holds a BA in Education & Liberal Studies from Smith College and has spent the better part of her college and post-graduate years helping students achieve success both in and outside of the classroom. Most recently, Susanna served as the Assistant Director for a tutoring franchise catering to college-bound exam prep students, learning a thing or two about the ACT in the process. When she’s not navigating the test-taking waters for the sake of her students, Susanna can be found reading, writing on her education blog, skiing, or planning a future filled with international travel - her favorite (but most expensive) hobby.

Boost Your Vocabulary, Boost Your ACT Score: Part 2

You’re already on your way to a building a prolific word stock, but before test day, make sure to add these habits to your repertoire (quick- what does that mean?) for your optimal ACT composite score (because remember: even though the ACT- unlike the SAT- doesn’t directly test vocabulary, recognizing and being able to correctly […]

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ACT for International Students

Without previous exposure to the American education system, international students likely have some special considerations when starting down their path to ACT greatness. None of these obstacles are too tall to hurdle, but you’ll be taking the best first step by reading on to learn where they are and how to approach them.

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Boost Your Vocabulary, Boost Your ACT Score: Part 1

Developing a rich vocabulary has many benefits: you can better convey what you mean, you can command respect for your well-expressed ideas, and you can even appear more romantically appealing (there is even a term now for people who are attracted to intelligence.) If landing that job interview or that date are not on your […]

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Should International Students Take the ACT?

Looking to make the move to the US for college? Good news and- well- not-so-great news. In your favor, American colleges are looking to diversify their student body now more than ever, and hold special places for international applicants. As a downside, this does not mean that you are immune to submitting scores on the […]

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Cracking the ACT English Code: Usage and Mechanics (Part 1)

With today’s smartphone-driven jargon, it is easy to lose sight of the foundational grammar upon which the rich English language is built: a texting dialogue filled with acronyms, sentence fragments, abbreviations and emojis doesn’t exactly hold us accountable for remembering these rules. Unfortunately, the ACT still does. With that, let’s take a look at the […]

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The ACT: A History Lesson

All you Magooshers are becoming familiar with how to conquer the ACT: its format, its timing, its array of questions. But how much do you know about the origins of the ACT- or what it even stands for? Time for a pop quiz!   The Origin of the ACT Prior to 1959, the SAT (the […]

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