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Author: Jon Chang

Jon has a degree in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University and a degree in science journalism from New York University. It's safe to say that he's learned a lot of things over the past decade, but he's learned how to write about those things too. All the while, he’s been tutoring students, helping them better understand their own coursework and showing them how to crack the code of the SAT and ACT. When he's not doing that, you can usually find him singing, playing violin, or coming up with bad puns.

Jon Chang

Meet Jon Chang, our newest blogger!

Hello everyone! I’m Jon Chang, and I’m the latest addition to Magoosh’s SAT and ACT blogging squad. If you feel lost at sea the minute you open your review books, I’m there to be your navigator. It only seems fair that you should get to know me a little bit, so you know I won’t […]

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