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    Elise writes articles for the Magoosh SAT blog to help teenagers during an exciting time in their lives. Despite residing in Southern California, where she attends San Dieguito Academy high school, she has no surfing abilities whatsoever; it’s actually rather sad. She is your typical senior high school girl who sword fights daily, and is pretty much convinced that bananas are a food sent from heaven. Elise will attend Columbia University next fall to study environmental science.

AP Tests: Why They’re Worth It

Now that winter has folded into spring, the AP season is slowly creeping closer, and students across the nation are signing up for the tests that they will be taking come May. While the process is undeniably intense, it offers far too many benefits to be bypassed. Listed below are some of the common reasons […]

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The Senior Year Schedule

As a junior, it’s far from unheard of to have the future sneak up on you; there are, quite simply, so many things to be done. Concepts to be crammed in (and immediately forgotten). SAT’s to be taken. As such, senior year never really stops being that far away dream of serenity and trumpets and […]

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Finding Free Money

Fact: money does not come from trees. But it can – and frequently does – come from scholarships. And while the last thing you probably want to do, after writing a dozen soul-sucking college essays, is write a dozen more soul-sucking scholarship essays – this is far from the time to give in. There is […]

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