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    Elise writes articles for the Magoosh SAT blog to help teenagers during an exciting time in their lives. Despite residing in Southern California, where she attends San Dieguito Academy high school, she has no surfing abilities whatsoever; it’s actually rather sad. She is your typical senior high school girl who sword fights daily, and is pretty much convinced that bananas are a food sent from heaven. Elise will attend Columbia University next fall to study environmental science.

Twenty Things I Wish I’d Known Before Senior Year

This past week I was grabbing a smoothie with several soon-to-be seniors (boy, do I love unintentional alliteration). Naturally, the topic of school came into conversation and, upon hearing their array of concerns, I was inspired to come up with this. So voila! Here is an exceptionally lengthy and most certainly over-kill list of what […]

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Make Your College Move Easier

When it comes to collecting dorm decor – I basically become a five-year-old boy given a box of Legos and told to construct his dream mansion. Will my single be that perfect crossover of “yoga loving, beach hippie meets bearded, urban hipster”? Yes. And will I go overboard in buying things to make that happen? […]

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Dealing with Parents During College Apps

Chances are, if you’re approaching senior year, you’ve had a few college-oriented conversations with your parents that feel somewhat like the following: And if you’re sitting there thinking, “Nope, I can’t relate to that” … just wait. There is something about the application season that can turn even the most easy-going of parents into half-crazed […]

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To Do List for Soon-to-be-Seniors

I hate to be “that person,” but for the betterment of your senior year, I will suffer the reputation. I’m not about to tell you that summer shouldn’t be fun, relaxing, indulgent: because it should be. What it should also be, however, is the perfect opportunity to prepare yourself for the oncoming chaos.

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Top 5 Tips for Talking to NCAA Coaches

Amidst all of the tests, the homework assignments, the figuring out of your future, it can feel particularly daunting to approach NCAA coaches – but it doesn’t have to. Below you will find some key tips (things that I wish I would have understood beforehand) to help smooth out the ups and downs of athletic […]

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Your Post-High School Responsibilities

While we graduates bask in the beauty of our freedom, it’s easy to let slip everything that we’re still responsible for. Yes, we’re settled in on where we’re going to school. But what about those next steps? It’s never too early to begin preparing for your introduction to college life.

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First Four Steps Towards NCAA Recruitment

As promised in the previous post, this is the beginning of a more thorough step-by-step process about how to start navigating the maze of NCAA recruitment. If you are still unsure exactly what playing sports in college can entail, feel free to visit “Looking into NCAA Athletics” for some more general information.

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Looking into NCAA Athletics

This post is the first in a series about NCAA athletics. See the rest of the posts here: First Four Steps Towards NCAA Recruitment Distinguishing Between NCAA Recruitment Periods   Now that we’re about to start summer (some of you lucky souls already have), high school athletes everywhere are contemplating their interest in competing at […]

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