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Beth Gonzales

4 Best Online History Tests to Prep for APUSH

Taking an online practice test is an effective method of studying for any big test. Practice tests hone test-taking skills, identify strengths/weaknesses and bring attention to any content areas that may need more focus. If one test is good, then 5 will be even better, right? Our 4 best online history tests can help you prep for APUSH, one practice test at a time.

Online History Test #1: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free, world-class education to any student, anywhere in the world. If you aren’t familiar with Khan Academy yet, now is the perfect time to visit. In addition to their AP section, Khan Academy has free online courses, lessons and test prep covering a wide range of subjects.

Select “AP History” from the Arts & Humanities section, then choose between “explore” and “practice”. The “explore” option uses videos, photographs and overviews to present content from all 9 APUSH time periods.

4 Best Online History Tests to Prep for APUSH

The “practice” section features 2-6 online history tests for each time period. Each online history test covers the large concepts and historical events of the time period. Expect multiple-choice questions, plus a “hint” link if you get stuck on a question. The “practice” and “explore” sections are interchangeable, which means you get the same quality content no matter which area of APUSH you visit.

Online History Test #2: is a great resource for many APUSH subjects. Like Kahn Academy, the online history tests are grouped by APUSH time period, so you can easily find what you are looking for. Tests cover major historical events and topics such as the Columbian Exchange or territorial expansion. tracks your accuracy, as well as plotting your score against other students practicing the same test.

If your budget allows, offers a paid free response section. For $29, you gain access to 1,386 free response questions that span all variations of essay – short answer, free response and DBQ – along with a sample response and explanation.

Online History Test #3: AP College Board

For a completely free, full-length practice test, visit AP College Board. It is the only place to find an official AP online history test. At just over three hours long, College Board’s practice test is an accurate and realistic testing experience. For even more online study options, look at their previously released practice exam. Also check out their numerous offerings for essay questions.

Online History Test #4: Barron’s Test Prep: AP US History

According to Barron’s, their online history test is the equivalent to the actual APUSH exam in terms of question type, number of questions and level of difficulty. You can choose between “practice” or “timed” modes. Obviously, if you want to replicate a true testing experience, choose the “timed” mode.

However, there are many resources available through the “practice” mode, so don’t rule it out. Barron’s provides an answer explanation – complete with key concepts and terminology – for each question on the practice history test.

Want more practice with online history tests?

Here are 5 more online test practice tests to review. Visit our Magoosh APUSH blogs to learn about APUSH study tips, testing strategies and more.

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