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Kristin Fracchia

TuesdACT: ACT vs NEW SAT – How the Reading Sections Compare

For those of you who are deciding whether you should take the ACT or the New SAT this spring, do we have a treat in store for you! We are doing a video series comparing each section of the ACT to the new SAT, so you can see which test might align better with your strengths and preferences as a test-taker.

And in today’s video, we are looking at the Reading sections.

Here are the facts; then check out the video for more on what the heck this all means!


ACT vs New SAT number of passages

ACT Reading: 4

SAT Reading: 5


ACT vs New SAT number of fiction passages

ACT Reading: 1

SAT Reading: 1


ACT vs New SAT passage lengths

ACT Reading: 700-900 words

SAT Reading: 500-750 words


ACT vs. New SAT passage difficulty levels

ACT Reading: all about the same (10th-early 11th grade level)

SAT Reading: varies (9th grade-early college level)


ACT vs. New SAT comparison passages:

ACT Reading: most tests have 1 set of dual passages to compare

SAT Reading: all tests have 1 set of dual passages to compare


ACT vs New SAT Informational graphics

ACT Reading: all text

SAT Reading: a few questions require students to evaluate tables or figures along with what they read.


ACT vs. New SAT number of questions and time limit

ACT Reading: 40 questions; 35 minutes (52.5 seconds per question, including reading time)

SAT Reading: 52 questions; 65 minutes (1 min 15 seconds per question, including reading time) but remember there is one more passage to read than on the ACT.


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