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Kristin Fracchia

ACT Challenge Question 1: Advanced Exponents – Explanation

Magoosh ACT Challenge Question

Here’s a refresher on our first ACT Challenge Question. If you haven’t had a chance to solve it yet, take a crack at it and then scroll down for the answer and explanation. No peeking!

ACT Challenge Question #1

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 2.04.00 PM


Answer and Explanation


There are two ways to solve this problem: the “math” way and the “test prep strategy” way.

Let’s talk about the test prep strategy way first. You see, this problem is a great candidate for plugging in numbers for x and y and seeing what works.

Let’s try y = 3

Therefore 2^(y+1)=2x becomes


So now we have a corresponding value for x.

When y=3, the expression in the question, 2^(y+2), equals 32. So now we have the numerical answer we are looking for in the answer choices, expressed in terms of x (which we determined equals 8.

So, plugging in 8 for x, the answer choice equivalents would be:

A. 1/1024
B. 1/19
C. 32
D. 64
E. 1024

making our answer C.

Now let’s talk about the math way:

Using the exponent rule (x^m)(x^n)=x^(m+n) we know that


so we can simplify the given equation


2^(y+2) would then be

Since we found that x=2^y we can sub in x for 2^y in the expression above and get our answer: C. 4x


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