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Kristin Fracchia

ACT English Practice

ACT English Practice Resources

Looking for some free resources to help you improve your ACT English score? We’ve got you covered with our list of the best free resources for grammar review, sources for free practice tests, our own ACT English practice questions, and an ACT English study guide. Happy studying!

Best Free Resources for English Grammar Review

Grammar Bytes! is one of my favorite grammar websites for high school students. (Plus it has a great web address: chompchomp.com). Check out this site if you need a simple, straightforward explanation of a grammar term or rule. It also has interactive exercises to practice your skills.

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is more academic in tone (it is run by a university after all!), but it has long been my go-to authority on grammar as well as all things having to do with proper academic writing. Here you will find tons of helpful grammar explanations, writing advice, and worksheets.

Grammar Girl is also great if you want to totally geek out on comma splices and commonly confused words–although you will want to search for the grammar issues you have questions about; there is a lot to sort through, and the blog is not incredibly well organized.

And in case you are wondering exactly what grammar, usage, and style topics you should review for the ACT, we’ve made you a guide here!

Best Free ACT Practice Tests

You can find a full-length ACT test for free on the ACT student website along with five additional practice passages.

Although it’s not free, you should also do your best to get the Real ACT Prep Guide, which includes five official retired ACT tests. Check out your local library or school library if you can’t get a new copy. I highly recommend doing all of these tests as part of your test prep plan.

ACT English Test Study Guide

ACT English Practice Questions

Ready to try out some ACT English questions? Take a look at the brief passage and the five questions below!

In most busy cities and towns today, you can find automated teller machines, or ATMs, on practically every block. An ATM is an electronic communications device that allows bank customers to perform financial transactions without needing to talk to a human bank clerk. The first modern automated banking machine was developed in (1) 1969, by a Dallas engineer named Donald Wetzel. Wetzel’s machine used plastic cards like the ones we use today. It was not until the late 1970s and early 1980s, however, when more of the population (2) had became comfortable with the idea of (3) automated technology, that automated banking machines became truly popular. Some say that it took a good old-fashioned New York blizzard to truly make ATMs a permanent institution in American life. In 1977, the chairman of Citibank spent over $100 million dollars to install ATMs (4) all over New York City, hoping they would be a success. The following winter, a blizzard shut down banks in the city for days, and ATM usage suddenly increased by 20 percent. This blizzard also launched Citibank’s long-running “The Citi Never Sleeps” campaign, (5) with posters and billboards showing customers trudging through snow drifts to get to Citibank ATMs. After Citibank’s success, other banks followed suit, and ATMs popped up in every major city in the world.


  2. 1969;
  3. 1969:
  4. 1969


  2. had been becoming
  3. have become
  4. became


  2. automated technologies that automated banking
  3. automated technologies, automated banking
  4. automated technologies; automated banking

4. Which of the following is NOT an acceptable alternative for the underlined phrase?

  1. all throughout
  2. throughout
  3. in
  4. across

5. If the writer were to delete the underlined portion, deleting the comma and ending the sentence with a period, the paragraph would primarily lose:

  1. an explanation of why so many people used ATMs during the blizzard.
  2. descriptive detail about the imagery of the advertising campaign.
  3. a restatement of an idea expressed earlier in the paragraph.
  4. an explanation of why ATMs became necessary in the late 1970s.


Ready to check your answers? We shared them in a separate post, so you don’t feel tempted to peek. 🙂


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