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Minh Nguyen

Meet Minh!

Hello there! This is Minh, Magoosh’s latest SAT/ACT expert blogger. You must be hard at work on your journey to mastering the SAT/ACT. I’m excited to help you along the way and leave the testing center with a flawless victory. At times, I’ll be showing you how to crush problems with brute force tactics. Other times, you’ll learn how to ninjutsu your way around tough questions with ease.

Let me tell you a bit more about myself and a few of the principles I live by.

Meet Minh -magoosh


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

During my time studying economics at the University of California, Irvine, I made it a point to take classes on activities that I wasn’t very good at or was afraid of trying. I bungled my way through Brazilian jiu-jitsu, salsa dancing, three marathons, and public speaking workshops. Through these experiences, I became a better learner.

For you, getting out of your comfort zone might mean being open to trying different ways to solve a tough problem on the test. For others, it could mean making the switch between the SAT and the ACT even if it means starting over. Whatever the case may be, don’t be afraid to try something different.

Set Daily Goals

I’ve learned how to be okay at playing the piano and guitar. I’ve also run a few marathons here and there despite hating running as a kid. Of course, it didn’t just magically happen. In order to reach a big goal, I broke it down into daily goals, eventually getting there bit by bit.

Conquering the SAT/ACT is a big goal. The key to getting there is to break it down into small chunks. Have weekly goals and review them from time to time to see how you are doing. If you aren’t hitting your goals, see what changes you can make and try again. What are you going to do today in order to eventually reach your goal?

A Few Final Words

I love motivational stories. They inspire me to take action. They help me get excited about life. Now, I know that preparing for a big test may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but you have the choice on whether or not to make studying boring, or to get something out of it that extends beyond just a high score.

Life is a journey of self-discovery, and I hope that you will be able to grow and find what you are made of during this amazing time in your life. I look forward to sharing my SAT/ACT knowledge with you!

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About Minh Nguyen

Minh's passion for helping students succeed grew during his time as a career counselor at the University of California, Irvine. Now, he's helping students all over the world by spilling SAT/ACT secrets through blog posts on Magoosh. When he's not busy tutoring or writing, he enjoys playing guitar, traveling, and talking about himself in third-person.

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