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Jessica Ellis

Continuing Math Practice

Today’s Tasks

Estimated time: 70 minutes

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  1. DO 10 Math Practice Questions, 20 min
  2. REVIEW Your practice session, 5 min
  3. WATCH Math, General Math Strategies: Number Sense, 10 min
  4. FLASHCARDS Math: Advanced Topics, 10 min
  5. WATCH Math, Arithmetic and Fractions: Properties of Real Numbers, 8 min
  6. WATCH Math, Arithmetic and Fractions: Word Problems with Fractions, 3 min
  7. WATCH Math, Probability: Intro to Probability, 5 min
  8. WATCH Math, Statistics: Mean, Median, Mode 9 min

About Tasks

  • DO tasks can be found in the Study tab of this app (Practice Questions)
  • For any question you get wrong, watch the video explanation (scroll down to see it)
  • REVIEW tasks can be found by clicking “End Practice and See Results”. Scroll down. Note your % Correct, Pace, Subject and Difficulty level (scroll to the left).
  • Write notes on areas of strength and weakness.
  • Go back to app and Watch relevant English lessons
  • WATCH tasks can be found in the Study tab of this app (Video Lessons)
  • FLASHCARD tasks can be found in the Magoosh flashcard app. Download it here.
About Jessica Ellis

Jessica helps make the Magoosh products engaging and effective study tools. She has over eight years of experience in education and curriculum design having earned her BS in Science, Technology and International Affairs from Georgetown and her Master in Mind, Brain and Education from Harvard. When she is not thinking about product design, you will find her on the ski slopes!

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