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Emily Faison

Meet Emily!

Hi there! I’m Emily, and… confession time… I actually like school. Go ahead and roll your eyes, I don’t mind! Because I like school so much, I’ve picked up a few strategies for better test taking, more comprehensive reading, and no nonsense grammar and writing. It’s a good thing I’m Magoosh’s newest ACT/SAT expert blogger, because I can’t wait to help you ACE your upcoming exam.

I love reading!

Books, essays, listicles, academic papers, you name it. I read every day, all day long, from the news first thing in the morning to a couple of chapters in my latest novel before bed. Sometimes, I start to feel a little guilty for reading when I should be grading my students’ papers, or even writing a new blog post. But then, I remember that reading actually helps my grading and writing skills. In fact, reading is the best long-term studying you can do for the SAT and ACT. Not only are you boning up on your vocab words, you are also practicing SAT and ACT grammar and writing style questions without even realizing it. The SAT and ACT Writing Style sections are all about understanding grammar, sentence function, and vocabulary in context. If you read often, those sections on the exam will be a breeze.

When I say expert, I mean expert.

I mentioned that I grade student papers. That’s because I teach reading, grammar, and writing in college freshman composition classes. I help students work with the kind of language and writing skills the ACT and SAT are testing you on, all the time. Really, grammar is my jam.
You can trust me when I say I know the difference between their, they’re, and there! (Okay, and a few other grammar tricks, too!) Luckily, the SAT and ACT questions can be easily deconstructed…

I like figuring out puzzles.

The SAT and ACT are long-form jigsaw puzzles. Once you’ve got just a few pieces in place, the rest can all fall into place! You know how the first step of a puzzle is just making sure all the pieces are flipped right-side-up so you aren’t looking at the unhelpful cardboard side? You guys are already at that stage, just by learning more about the SAT and ACT here at Magoosh. The next step is putting together the frame of outside edge pieces, right? I’ll help you take apart exam questions and figure out what they’re really asking, so you can move through the exam on test day just like a puzzle you’ve already done before.
These kinds of reading and code-breaking habits can be lifelong skills, so I encourage you to think beyond just the SAT and ACT. Remember, these exams are just the beginning of a wonderful and challenging college career. Let’s get studying!

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About Emily Faison

An avid reader and art enthusiast, Emily has degrees in English from Florida State University and Southeastern University. When she's not editing web content for a local magazine, you’ll probably find her catching up on her Netflix queue or reading a novel with a fresh cup of coffee at a local cafe.

2 Responses to “Meet Emily!”

  1. bethy says:

    In the “About Emily Faison” excerpt above, the word ‘not’ in “she’s not editing” should be replaced now instead, it must have been a mistype, I just thought that you would want to know, for future people reading this article.

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert Magoosh Test Prep Expert says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your comment and letting us know! However, the ‘not’ in this case is actually not a typo. The sentence is stating that when Emily is not editing web content for a local magazine, she is actually doing the other things listed. But, thank you for letting us know about the potential typo. We really do appreciate it! 😀

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