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Kristin Fracchia

5 Best Free Apps for SAT and ACT Test Prep

You know that a good SAT or ACT score can open doors to scholarships, college admissions, and other honors. But if you’re like many students, you might be wondering if taking a long and expensive class or paying for a private tutor are the only ways you can get a high score. Thankfully, with the technology that’s available today, quality test prep doesn’t have to be only for those who can afford it.
Check out this list of the five best FREE apps for SAT and ACT test prep!

1. Khan Academy

Apple Store / Google Play

Khan Academy’s slogan is a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, and this makes it one of the best companies out there for no-cost learning. The Khan Academy’s official partnership with the College Board for the redesigned SAT means that it has significantly expanded its resources for SAT prep. However, the best use of the Khan Academy app for students studying for either the new SAT or the ACT are the general math video lessons covering all of the topics on these tests. So whether you need to brush up on ratios, complex numbers, or coordinate geometry, a quick video lesson on the Khan Academy app may be all you need to set you on the right path.

2. Magoosh ACT Flashcards

Apple Store / Google Play

Yeah, these are ours, so we we are a little biased, but really, we think they’re great :).

ACT Flashcards from Magoosh were designed by experts on the test and updated for the latest content on the ACT. They cover the essential English, math, and science knowledge students need to know and are a confidence-boosting supplement to practice questions. The app is built with a smart algorithm that adapts to you; once terms are mastered they are removed from the pool so you can focus on the concepts you still need to learn. Your progress is synced across devices so you can switch between phone, iPad, and web for convenient studying wherever you are.

3. Daily Practice for the New SAT from the College Board

Apple Store / Google Play

For a quick supplement to your SAT prep—say, between classes or while waiting in the grocery store line—the Daily Practice app is a great choice. Since it’s from the makers of the SAT, it features official questions. You can practice with the question of the day or access an archive of previous questions organized by difficulty level. The app will also track stats so you can see your improvement over time. A note of caution: Some users have complained that the functionality of this current version of the app for the redesigned SAT is not up to par with the one for the old SAT.

4. The Grading Game

Apple Store

The Grading Game initially might seem like an oddball selection for SAT or ACT prep, but the format of the game—which invites players to hunt down a wide range of errors within sample essays—is a great match for the format of the new SAT Writing and ACT English sections, which asks students to do the same thing. You can practice at a range of difficulty levels, and the ticking clock helps train your brain to find grammar, sentence structure and style errors quickly and effectively.

5. Math Brain Booster

Apple Store

The addition of a no-calculator section on the new SAT makes mental math an even more essential skill for the high-scoring student to master, but it also benefits students on the SAT or ACT overall. Math Brain Booster improves your attention span, reaction time, and mental sharpness by challenging you to solve different arithmetical tasks within a time limit. It’s fun, streamlined, and very effective for standardized test prep.

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